Reasons that should give confidence to aspiring technologists in choosing IT as a career

A career in Information Technology commonly referred to as IT is a hot choice in today’s scenario because of tremendous opportunities of career advancement and growth that comes along with it. Anyone intending to create a stable financial future would do good to become an IT professional because the paycheck is healthy and attractive. The IT sector is highly diverse, and one would find many jobs and as many different titles arising from it. Planning for an IT career path is a wise decision for any candidate aspiring to build a career around technology. Although the IT sector has made rapid progress based on the technological advancements that have changed our lives, the employers are yet to create the right nomenclature of jobs in the field. As a result, there are different names assigned to the same job profile that makes it difficult to fine-tune career choices.

In the absence of standardized nomenclature of job titles, employers tend to use elaborate job descriptions by using words of their own choice often resulting in different words being used to describe the same job. This is confusing, especially for choosing the field in which one wants to work within the IT domain. Leaving aside the lack of clarity in job titles, which is not of much consequence as one learns to read between the lines, there is good demand for IT professionals as there is a considerable gap between the demand and supply of IT workforce. In this article, we will discuss the main reasons why one should not hesitate to choose a career in IT.

Businesses have become IT based

Information Technology (IT) may not be the backbone of many businesses, but there is some amount of IT in use in all kinds of companies in varying degrees. No business can survive today without using IT which is the reason why the demand for IT professionals is spiraling. The way of conducting business today is heavily reliant on IT for the support required in storing and exchanging information that impacts business performance.  There used to be a time when technology related to communication and information sharing was restricted in its use within the government, military, and scientific establishments. However, today it is entirely different because technology has become essential even to run a very small business. Today, it is just impossible to think about carrying out any commercial activity without a computer because e-mails have become the most widely used mode for business communication.

The demand for IT professionals is on the upswing

Use of information technology in business has multiplied data generation which in turn has resulted in using more technology to manage data. You need to gather and analyze data from various business areas that help to provide valuable business insights that aid in business improvement. To identify which products or services are selling well and which are failing, you must depend on analytics. Similarly, which section of customers generate high revenue and which group of customers are facing problems is what businesses can know about by analyzing data gathered from the respective operational areas. Therefore, the need for qualified IT professionals is an essential requirement for businesses of all kinds and sizes. It means that aspiring IT professionalsare likely to get plenty of opportunities for starting a career that can catapult them into the path of high growth.

IT applications in the medical field

For IT professionals, businesses or commercial establishments alone are not the greatest places to work because there is the widespread application of technology in the healthcare and medical field too. The database of patients is an asset for medical establishments, and by slicing and dicing data, it is possible to gather enormous information about disease trends, treatments, patient problems and many more things that can improve the quality of medical service. To deal with such huge and varied data, the healthcare industry heavily depends on IT professionals for generating relevant reports that depict the real picture about anything they want to know. The role of IT professionals in the healthcare and medical field has brought about rapid improvements in providing quality healthcare services.

Best paying jobs

Despite the economic uncertainties that grip the world quite often, IT jobs remain high paying and thus assure the professionals of a decent life and promising future.  The average salary of a software engineer, system administrator or a web developer can be anything between $80,000 and $85,000 annually in the US.  The trend is similar in other countries like the EU countries, Canada and Australia. IT is also a very respectable career for women who stay protected from gender discrimination with respect to earnings.

The IT field which is a specialized one, not only offers job opportunities but learning opportunities too, and as you progress in your career, the knowledge enrichment helps to boost earning.