Radiation Detection Equipment – Providing the Equipment Necessary to Protect Those That Protect Us

The very thought of nuclear radiation sends chills down most people’s spine. The end of the Cold War did not end the threat of terrorism and even other nations threatening to use radioactive materials such as dirty bombs against the US or others. In order to reduce this threat, soldiers and law enforcement officers are put in harm’s way. Campbell/Harris Security Equipment Company (CSECO) is proud to provide the best radiation and other contraband detection technology available in order to protect the ones out there protecting the public against radioactive materials. You may also order high-quality and reliable radiation protection products on https://barriertechnologies.com/.

US Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) agents doing drug or contraband detection may unexpectedly be exposed to radiation. It is not necessary for a shipment to be a terrorist threat to accidentally or purposely contain radiation dangers of some sort. Despite the relatively low chance of most DEA, CBP or local law enforcement agencies being exposed to radiation, these agents deserve the best radiation detection technology to protect them by providing the latest technology in drug and contraband detection equipment to help them to do their jobs. Maybe they can also use thyroid shield cover that are used by medical staff to protect themselves from the dangerous effects of scatter radiation and overall radiation exposure.

The CSECO Sensor Tech Personal Radiation Pager is the perfect frontline protection for personnel working in possible danger areas. Weighing only 6 ounces and measuring a mere 4.1” x 2.4” x 0.9”, it is smaller than most cell phones. Once calibrated for background radiation, if the Radiation Pager detects gamma (or x-rays) at elevated levels, it makes a clearly audible sound. The seven segment LED display provides more detailed information. Despite being small enough to wear or keep in a pocket, and containing ultra-sensitive detection technology, it is both rugged (works in environments from 13° to 122° F) and easy to use. It takes about an hour for new users to become adept at using the Radiation Pager. Two AA batteries keep it running for over two months of daily use.

Another radiation detection tool is the CSECO Buster K910B density meter which is used mainly for contraband detection by drug interdiction authorities. The Buster has proven itself safe and reliable in a wide variety of settings over its 30 year history. Along with contraband detection, the Buster uses Rad-Aware® radiation detection technology. First responders, for instance, could use it if a radiation leak or a dirty-bomb was suspected to have caused a disaster.

Radiation can’t be seen or heard; you can’t smell or even taste it. Using radiation and contraband detection equipment is the only way to know if you are in danger. If you are on the move, or scanning moving objects, portable or handheld devices are the only way to go.

Materials and people crossing national borders, including airports and shipping ports, are obvious points where radiation and contraband detection will continue to be needed. To detect radioactivity, quality detection equipment like that made by CSECO, is important.

While contraband detection is the main concern of agencies like Customs and Border Patrol, or local law enforcement, radiation dangers, while unlikely, are also real possibilities. CSECO is proud to provide the best in radiation and contraband detection equipment, like the Sensor Tech Personal Radiation Pager and Buster K910B to keep the law enforcement officers safe.

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