Put a Lock on Lockdown with These Popular Blackjack Games Online

Are you looking for new ways to have fun? How about online casino games, specifically those involving skills?

We find that many people all over the world are getting bored of monotonous lives. So, what if they changed it up by playing online blackjack games?

So, to spare you the trouble of going down the online blackjack rabbit hole, here are the best blackjacks.

The Best Blackjack Games in 2020:

  1. Infinite Blackjack – Evolution
  2. Perfect Blackjack – NetEnt
  3. Sonya Blackjack – Yggdrasil Gaming
  4. Majority Rules Speed Blackjack – Playtech
  5. Spanish 21 – Microgaming

Infinite Blackjack – Evolution

This year that’s about to end has been marvelous for Evolution. The Riga-based company managed to rebrand from Evolution Gaming and it’s launched a litany of new games. For lovers of games of luck, we’d recommend the extremely low-house edge Live Craps. Evolution’s Live Craps is actually the first-ever live craps online variation.

But what matters to us today is the mesmerizing Infinite Blackjack, playable by standard rules with a twist. The “infinite” in its title refers to an unlimited number of players at the table. By implementing this feature, Evolution allows an endless number of bettors to join Infinite Blackjack 24/7.

Perfect Blackjack – NetEnt

Although releases last year, Perfect Blackjack from NetEnt retained its popularity throughout 2020.

First of all, Perfect Blackjack has stripped the house edge to an astonishing 0.50%, meaning the RTP sits at 99.50%. RTP stands for return to player. In plain English, the odds of winning Perfect Blackjack are huge.

So, why the name Perfect Blackjack? Namely, with this title, NetEnt encourages players to use the perfect basic strategy. The basic strategy dictates the rules to follow to beat the dealer. If you’re not sure what we’re talking about, here are your perfect blackjack strategy cheat sheets.

Additionally, Perfect Blackjack is a live dealer game, meaning a real-life croupier deals for you. It’s been said that live dealer games are the future of gambling. A live casino combines all the aspects of gambling that bettors love – authentic gameplay and home comfort. Plus, you can enjoy mobile blackjack wherever you are thanks to HTML5 cross-platform.

Sonya Blackjack – Yggdrasil Gaming

The first two picks on our list hover in the live dealer category. On the other hand, RNG-powered online blackjacks are also a thing. One of the best ever made is Sonya Blackjack from Swedish developer Yggdrasil Gaming.

Sonya Blackjack looks pretty much like the real thing. Your dealer’s name is, of course, Sonya and she is a hand-drawn, animated character running on RNG. If you care, RNG stands for a random number generator, implying that the outcome is always 100% fair.

Casino-related websites offer incredible blackjack reviews and let players try the games out for free. One such example is Blackjack Gala, one of the best on the market. You can play online blackjack games free of charge right here.

Whilst Yggdrasil is famous for its ground-breaking 3-D video slots, its ventures into table games paid out big time. Sonya Blackjack became an instant fan-favourite, followed by sequel John Carew Blackjack.

Majority Rules Speed Blackjack – Playtech

Now, back to 2020; Playtech set in motion Majority Rules Speed Blackjack. It’s crucial to highlight the “speed” part because the majority rules tend to slow the game down. However, Playtech worked its way around this paradox by combining the two.

Majority Rules Speed Blackjack features gorgeous dealers operating around the clock. The online casino game is set in a neon-lit futuristic studio with two options. When the cards have been dealt, you need to make a move – either the Best Strategy or Majority Rules. What does that mean?

This unique Twenty-One release offers a democracy you can’t see anywhere else in online gaming. Majority Rules works like this – all players decide and the majority vote wins. Essentially, more than 50% of all the participants (minus the dealer) have to agree on whether to Split, Double, Stand, or Hit.

However, it’s worth noting that Majority Rules won’t do much for seasoned gamblers. Instead, this Playtech blackjack variant is perfect for beginners who are still unsure of how to play. A great way to build your eGaming confidence if you ask us.

Spanish 21 – Microgaming

Finally, we’d like to wrap up with another simple-to-learn blackjack variation. Spanish 21 was interned in the 1990s, much later than any other edition of the casino game. However, it doesn’t seem notably less popular than any of them.

Spanish 21 is playable without tens in the deck, which simplifies the rules. However, it also cuts off the basic strategy and requires deviations. It takes a skillful, resourceful, and experienced punter to truly hit the nail on the Spanish 21 head.

Nonetheless, we’d suggest exploring Spanish 21 as well as all other picks on our list. Let us know what you think of them!