Purchasing of intellectual services: how to choose a service provider?

In order to gain flexibility, more and more companies are choosing to devote part of their budget to the purchase of intellectual services.

Outsourcing is also a privileged way for companies to obtain quality services because they have recourse to specialized independent service providers.

However, it is not always easy to choose a reliable and competent service provider if it is not recommended by a professional network.

The choice of the service provider is important because it constitutes a real risk-taking for the purchasing company which spends a budget which it must amortize through the operation of the service.

Companies that choose to outsource intellectual services also want to work with a trusted provider who understands their expectations and needs and with whom they can consider future collaborations.

In addition, choosing the right service provider like Asmongold Girlfriend is not always easy given the number of players in the market. Should we focus on the price or rather the expertise and responsiveness of a service provider? So many questions that question the buying companies.

How to choose your provider for the purchase of intellectual services? Let’s see some avenues to follow.

Identify and explain a specific need to attract the right provider

Choosing the right service provider requires determining the company’s needs upstream. This step is essential because it makes it possible to target the skills expected of the service provider.

In addition, the more detailed the requirement or the project, the easier it will be for the service provider to make an offer corresponding to the request.

Whether they are freelancers or suppliers, the best providers will pay attention to the careful description of the client’s needs. A too vague description suggests to the service provider that the mission will be difficult to carry out and probably not very profitable.

Consequently, the company which wishes to use a service provider for the purchase of intellectual services has every interest in being rigorous as to the description of the expected results.

Identify your potential provider

Once the potential service providers are targeted by the company, it can check the existing references on its future business partners.

Knowing the missions formerly carried out by the service provider, its fields of specialization and its former clients makes it possible to identify the know-how and skills of the service provider.

The company must also question the quality of the service provider’s expertise. In order to verify the competence and know-how of the service provider, the purchasing company can collect the opinions and recommendations of former clients of the service provider or seek the advice of its professional network.

The service provider’s estimate: an index of professionalism

Beyond the price of the service, the estimate drawn up by the service provider is indicative of the professionalism and the care taken in the provision of services.

Remember that the estimate is an official document mentioning several mandatory information and which is mandatory when signed by both parties.

It details the service (s) negotiated between the parties and sets the prices.

The quality of an estimate is based on the details mentioned such as the different stages and the time spent necessary to carry out the missions.

A careful estimate is in fact often a reflection of the quality of the services provided by the service provider.

Using platforms to choose your provider

The networking platforms between client companies and freelancers have multiplied in recent years. Some are specialized in certain sectors of activity.

These platforms aim to highlight the profiles of freelancers and their services and the needs of client companies.

Beyond the concept of linking, these platforms have the major advantage of sorting the profiles whose expertise is the most sought after and pre-selecting the best profiles for companies like Stardew Valley Fighter or Scout.

After choosing the service provider: drafting the contract

The choice of a quality service provider does not prevent the parties from drawing up a service provision contract in order to provide for the contractual conditions.

The service provision contract secures the interests of both parties.

As a reminder, the contract for the provision of services is governed by article 1710 of the Civil Code according to which: “ The hiring of a work is a contract by which one of the parties undertakes to do something for the other, by means of a price agreed between them. ”

The service provision contract allows the customer to confirm his choice of service provider since in the event of a breach of contractual obligations, the legal consequences are already fixed.

The main clauses of the service provision contract concern:

The object of the contract

This is the complete description of the missions to be carried out by the service provider as well as the client’s needs.

The execution modalities

The execution modalities concern the way in which the missions should be carried out. Will travel be necessary, canvassing, research or other additional studies, etc.?

The execution modalities also concern the nature of the service provider’s obligation, namely an obligation of means or an obligation of result.

The duration of the contract

The term of the contract may be determined or indefinite depending on the parties’ agreements.

The prices of services and payment methods

This clause describes the rates for the services negotiated between the parties as well as the terms of payment.

Some providers prefer a progressive payment, the first payment of which is a deposit to start the mission.

This clause also specifies the penalties for any late payment.

The confidentiality clause

Some specific clauses can be inserted such as confidentiality clauses

the objective of which is to impose an obligation of discretion on the service provider on the information covered by the secret.

Other specific clauses can be inserted according to the agreement of the parties.

The terms of termination of the contract

These are the possible methods of termination of the contract and the terms of termination of the contract.

What about intellectual property?

The purchase of intellectual services raises the question of the author’s intellectual property rights.

Let us recall that article [pii_email_4bd3f6cbbb12ef19daea] of the Intellectual Property Code specifies that whoever obtains the creation of a service provider does not automatically become the owner of the work.

However, it is possible to provide in the contract for the transfer of intellectual property rights so that the company receiving the service becomes the owner of the work of the service provider. To this end, the parties must include a clause for the assignment of intellectual property rights in the contract for the provision of services.

Choosing a provider can raise doubts for the client company. However, it is possible to effectively secure a collaboration by checking the service provider’s references and by providing for clear contractual conditions.