Proper Way to Handle a Huge Tree in Your Backyard

Trees alter the environment in which we live by moderating the climate, improving air quality, reducing flood, and harboring wildlife. Aside from that, it also brings aesthetic purposes if we plant it in our yard and with the right landscaping. Trees have various benefits, but regular care is required to optimize the benefits of the tree.

It’s easy to take mature trees for granted because they always do very well, and at the same time, offers incredible beauty and pleasure, without any support from us. However, proper maintenance is still a must for the large and old trees that we have in our yards. Do these essential tips to make sure that your trees will always be in the right condition.

Water It Moderately

Most of the time, a mature tree will survive from rainfall. However, when the weather is dry for a few weeks at a time during the growing season, even a large tree needs watering to avoid stress. Apply it gradually, and the roots can have time to drink the water. Turn the hose on slowly and lay the nozzle on the ground under the roots of the tree. Remember not to put too much water on it as it also brings an adverse effect on it.

Don’t Overfertilize

Everyone knows that putting too much fertilizer in their plants can kill it in just the blink of an eye. Don’t believe the trees should be fertilized frequently; once a year is enough, every before spring, specifically. Young trees that require periodic fertilization before they are grown, but mature trees often do not need to be fed at all. Feed if the trees are growing poorly or if the foliage starts yellowing.

Some trees are easily infested with insects and fungus, some of them can be severe, and some are not. For example, palm trees are susceptible to fungal infection. Assuming that yours are severely infected, don’t try to revive it by giving a ton of fertilizer. Instead, if you think that your tree is already damaged beyond repair, it might be better to cut it.

Surround with Mulch

A broad, even layer of mulch around the trunk is one of the greatest things you can do with a tree. It can insulate the soil around the roots of the tree, drive out power equipment, prevent foot traffic, and strengthen soil as it decays. Use mulch consisting of chips or shredded wood and scatter it three to four inches deep around the tree. The broader the area filled with mulch, the better.

Seek Help From A Professional

If you are a newbie in this field, you might want to ask for a professional’s help to inspect your tree. As a tree age, cracks, illness, rot, or heavy dead branches can form. Get a licensed arborist checked every few years, who should be able to detect issues early and prescribe pruning or other steps to extend the tree’s life. It is best if you research your tree’s capabilities if it is drought tolerant, or what is it sensitive to. Being knowledgeable will also save your tree from damages. They can also have it removed if needed.

At the end of this, you need to remember that mature trees are a desirable asset in the yard as they take a long time to grow and then become beautiful plants that offer shelter and benefits to wildlife. Appropriate tree maintenance is essential to their continued growth and wellbeing. It’s important to remember that the tree’s appropriate care starts once you choose the kind you are going to plant. Do the tips listed above, and it surely makes your tree into a healthier one.