Compromise. It is all about compromise. Whether you’re compromising with your life partner, or compromising for space in your apartment or condo, compromise is a part of life. Luckily, the compromise for a pool table dining table room table doesn’t have to result in an ugly piece of furniture occupying your space.  With modern day technology and an awesome array of add on accessories, your dining slash pool table will be a welcome addition in your home. You can also try it with a ping pong table. But for ping pong, you will need ping pong paddles too. You can learn more here about ping pong.

Let’s take a look at the top three dining and pool table combos and their add ons for you.


An awesome multi game table, the Park Avenue is a real crowd pleaser for all age groups. With its simple, quality yet elegant design, it is even bound to appease the Mrs in your life. Engineered wood imparts stability and security to the Park Avenue table to ensure smooth and professional play while protecting it from scratches and dings. Although this multi-tasking is smaller than a regular pool table, its design and accessory capabilities mean that it is the ideal addition to your home.

Individual levelers on its leg panels make it easy to install, even on imperfect floor surfaces, meaning that it levels out perfectly. Three quarter inch MDF which goes into the construction of this table comes covered in durable black laminate for achieving superior-quality construction and an aesthetically pleasing design. Some other attributes which deserve special mention are its chrome plated corner caps, premium nylon/wool blended top layer, tournament tested True Roll bumpers and half inch round in layer sight.

Accessories include table tennis comprise of posts, a net, two paddles and two table tennis balls and your table also comes standard with two 57” pool cues, rack, 2.25-inch pool balls and cue chalk.

Unique Features

The seven-foot multi-functional pool table really does combine the elegance of a classy dining table with a fast paced, function gaming center. The table is equipped with matching benches, accessorized with plush seat cushions and built in storage which allows you to safely and easily store your game accessories while not in use. We love the way you don’t have to compromise on seating comfort knowing that none of your precious accessories will ever go missing.


The Carmelli NG2530PR could impress even the most high-end billiard players without breaking your bank account. The design may not be to everyone’s taste although we cannot deny that the red and black table does make for a stunning focal point in a room. The seven-foot pool table by is an overpowering yet mesmerizing design with clean lines and a modern look while the table top is fitted. Underneath those clean lines is a more than adequate full-blown pool table that can easily be converted from a craft or dining table to a pool table or table tennis table. The three-quarter inch certified MDF that goes into the construction of this table is covered in a durable black laminate to provide hours of excitement and family fun that is scuff and damage resistant. Plush leatherette padded cushions cover built in lined storage as seating and adds to the overall eye pleasing modern look of the table.

Accessories for the table come standard and include table tennis accessories such as posts, net, two table tennis balls and two paddles as well as pool table accessories like two 2-piece 57” pool cues, 1 plastic triangle, 2.25-inch pool balls and chalk.

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Unique Features

An exceptionally high-quality blend of nylon and wool cover the playing surface of this monster table, and we call her a monster because the chosen deep red means that it will be a definite focal point when the table top is removed. The slate table has been specially manufactured to be consistently level which means this table is not only a focal point on the eye but can be used for even the most competitive of pool games. If you are looking to add something different and eye catching to your home without foregoing quality and competition standards, this is the pool slash dining table combo for you.


For those wanting to move away from a typically modern dining room table look, the simple yet elegant Newport blends seamlessly into modern day dining decor. Its simple design means that it fits into just about any room in the home. With an elegant driftwood finish, the side panels, leg and end panels are scuff, scratch and corrosion resistant. The rustic finished table features crisp contemporary lines and is covered with beautiful driftwood melamine that showcase the natural imperfections and rich grain of reclaimed wood in all its glory. The aesthetic look of the table is timeous so you will never have to worry about your multi-function gaming table becoming an eyesore in your home. A special mention needs to be given to its round in layer sights, chrome-plated corner caps and tournament-tested “true roll” bumpers. Accessories for this unit include two, 2.25-inch pool balls, two 57-inch pool cues and cue chalk whereas the table tennis set comprises of two paddles, net, posts as well as two table tennis balls.

Unique Features

The size and versatile look of this table means that it can serve as anything from a conference table for meetings to a place for family parties, large family gatherings and banquet sized meals. Underneath the elegant countertop is an exquisite playing surface in warm shades of red and spun in a unique mixture of wool and nylon. Stunning, matching padded seating with built in storage allows for easy and convenient storage of your accessories without losing the overall pleasing look of the multi-function table. The only negative we can possibly find with this table is the fact that it is strictly for indoor use and storage which is a small pay off for the overall look and feel of this beautiful table.