Play 21 Puzzle on MPL: The Simpler Version of Blackjack

Card games have always been popular and a great way of killing time. Whether family gatherings or parties, card games can always keep the guests involved and engaged. Everyone likes playing these games, from easy to complex card games, and people cannot get enough of them.

If you enjoy card games and like math, there’s one game that you must check out, and that’s 21 Puzzle. It is also known as Blackjack Solitaire or 21 Blitz. The game doesn’t require players to learn advanced math, and all you need to know is basic addition. As such, 21 Puzzle is one of the easiest card games that you can play. The objective of the game is simple. You need to get your score to twenty-one by adding the points of the cards in your hand. The card game is played on a column-based board using a standard deck of fifty-two cards. The opponents are chosen randomly. Keep your adding skills strong, and you shouldn’t have a problem beating your opponents.

Wondering where you can play the 21 Puzzle game? The leading gaming platform, MPL, offers 21 Puzzle and thirteen other games that you can enjoy. The online gaming platform stands out because it provides fair play, intuitive UI, and simple gameplay. The skill-based gaming platform has a zero wait time policy that ensures players don’t have to wait for their opponents to join the game. So, you can play your turn and close the app. Your opponent can join later to play their turn, and accordingly, the scores are calculated when the game ends. However, when participating in tournaments to win cash prizes, you can play with online players in real-time.

The 21 Puzzle game is the simplest version of Blackjack, and you can 21 Puzzle app download to get started. Once you install the app, you need to log in using your Apple, Google, or Facebook account or create a new account. Then, you have to go through MPL’s game’s categories and list to select 21 Puzzle.

The gameplay of 21 Puzzle on MPL

On MPL, you can choose the 1V1 game mode to play with an opponent or opt for the 1VN game mode to play multiplayer tournaments. Play free practice games to understand and learn the game’s rules. Then, when you’re confident, partake in the contests and win cash rewards and prizes.

The rules and gameplay require players to place the cards on the five columns on the game board to make twenty-one points. The objective is to clear the columns by reaching a score of twenty-one, or you can place five cards with a value of twenty-one or less.

When you play the 21 Puzzle game, you will see your current score next to the box on each column.

The value of each card is explained below.

  • J, Q, and K = 10 points
  • Ace = Ace carried both 1 point and 11 points. It would help if you used it accordingly.
  • Number cards = Face value, for example, 10 of Spades carries 10 points, 2 of Spades carries 2 points, etc.

What are the game controls?

The game controls are straightforward to learn. You need to hold and drag the cards to place them in the desired column. You must place five or lesser cards in the columns to create twenty-one. When you’ve scored twenty-one, the columns are cleared automatically. Players must focus on getting a higher score to win tournaments and challenges.

You can get familiar with the controls by playing as many practice games as possible.

The rules of the 21 Puzzle game

The game’s rules are easy to learn and understand. If you’ve played Blackjack before, you’ll pick them up in no time. Once you’ve got the hang of the rules, you can participate in tournaments to beat your opponents and win cash rewards.

The card game uses a standard deck of fifty-two cards, and the cards are drawn randomly. The game board has five columns, and each of the columns can hold up to five cards. You need to place the cards on the column to get a score of 21. The cards must be added according to their value to reach a score of twenty-one.

When you’ve achieved twenty-one or less, you can clear the column. In addition, you are awarded points when you successfully make combinations for achieving the twenty-one score.

On the MPL platform, the game is time-oriented and highly competitive. Also, it is challenging. Players are given three lives during the game, and if they fail thrice, the game ends. However, if you successfully make combinations, you will get extra 100 points for your remaining lives. The player with the highest scores wins.

The scoring system

Players earn points when they clear a column by successfully reaching a score of 21. You can even earn extra points by using a few specific combinations, which are explained below.

  • 100 points are up for grabs if you create twenty-one with any combination
  • 250 points are earned if you use three 7 cards, regardless of their tile, and make 21
  • 150 points are earned when players use a Jack and an Ace card to form a Blackjack combination, irrespective of their tile
  • 200 points are earned when you can create an original Blackjack with Jack of Spade and Ace of Spade
  • 125 points are awarded when you create dynamite using two cards with 10 value and Ace
  • 170 points are earned when you create sixes and three with 3 cards with the value of 6 and one card with a value of 3

So, what are you waiting for? If you are good at addition and love puzzle games, the 21 Puzzle game is for you. Play it on the MPL platform and earn incredible cash prizes.