Plastic Bags And Custom Retail Packaging

Make branding fun with custom retail packaging!

Plastic is not the only option available when it comes to packing garments. Some stores are using alternatives to plastic garment bags. However, none of these alternatives is as functional and convenient as plastic bags. Using plastic garment bags is actually beneficial for consumers and businesses. These bags are being used on a large scale around the world. From shopping to parcels, you can find them everywhere. Some people even go for plastic when it comes to retail packaging supplies.

We are using nearly 500 billion plastic bags every year. A big portion of this number is used for shopping purposes only. We know the fact that they can be a threat to the environment if not used smartly. However, we cannot overlook the benefits plastic bags have to offer. Even the retail packaging supplies chose plastic over anything else.

Let’s see why businesses and consumers prefer using plastic bags over alternatives.

Best For Branding

Not all businesses become big names in the market. You need to work on your branding to become a brand. If you are running a store, plastic bags provide you the best way to spread your message and show your presence on the market. You can get the name, logo, contact details, or any other information printed on them. Plastic bags for branding are very easy to design.

Cheaper Than Its Alternative

You can use paper or cloth packaging in the place of plastic garment bags. However, paper bags are not strong enough to hold the weight of your jeans. On the other hand, cloth bags can hold weight but are expensive. Plastic is both durable and cheaper than its alternatives.

Though the price of a plastic bag depends on its size, purpose, and quality, you can find a piece of the plastic bag as inexpensive as .25 cents. On the other hand, a paper bag can cost around 5 cents. Cloth bags are reusable but expensive. Your customer can reuse his cloth bag at home. However, every time a customer shops from you, you have to pack his purchases in a new bag. So, using cloth bags is also not an option. For a small business, buying plastic bags in bulk is a smart choice.

Easier To Open And Pack

Plastic bags can save you a few seconds. They are easy and quicker open, pack and double up. This is the reason why busy cashiers use them to keep lines moving. Paper bags and cloth bags take up more space than plastic bags.


Biodegradable plastic exists and many small businesses are using it. This plastic is not hazardous for the environment. When thrown in the landfill, it is broken down easily and quickly. An ordinary plastic bag takes at least 500 years to decompose. A biodegradable plastic bag is decomposed in three years. Biodegradable plastic bags are decomposed by living organisms such as bacteria leaving no trace behind. So, biodegradable plastic garment bags are safe for the environment.

Waterproof and Durable

Don’t worry if it rains. Your clothes are nicely packed in a plastic garment bag. Paper bags are vulnerable to tearing. Both paper and cloth bags cannot keep your stuff dry in the rain. Plastic bags are durable enough to count on. They can also resist many chemicals. Plastic bags provide the best protection to the content. Both paper and cloth bags cannot outperform plastic bags.

So, these are the reasons why people use plastic bags at home and in the office. Plastic bags provide an affordable and durable solution. However, they often end up in a landfill. A business should use biodegradable plastic bags and we all should reuse instead of throwing them away.

There are downsides to using plastic bags. However, it depends on how we are using them. So, order biodegradable plastic shopping bags in bulk and try to reuse them for retail packaging supplies.