Plantar Fasciitis – What You Must Know about this Condition

Have you heard about plantar fasciitis? It’s an ailment that causes pain around your heels. It results in extreme discomfort in your day-to-day life. According to an article published in Forbes, if you find the right type of shoe, it will help to manage the pain. Before we discuss comfy shoes or slippers, it is essential to understand what leads to plantar fasciitis.

Plantar fasciitis means the tenderness of a thick band connecting your heel bone to your toes. The common symptoms are excruciating pain close to your heel. The pain and discomfort will aggravate with prolonged running, jumping, and standing, especially in the morning. To learn more about the condition, you need to read this article.

Cause of plantar fasciitis

It’s caused due to obesity, aging, working out for a long time or too often without breaks, and wearing improper shoes. People with flat and flexible feet or high arches have plantar fasciitis. Even people wearing high heel shoes suffer from this condition. The heel issue could be triggered by deposits of calcium in the human heel bone. This causes excessive strain on your ligaments stretching across the base of your feet. Studies show that around 40 percent of patients are plagued with plantar fasciitis.

Types of shoes that help in treating the condition

Plantar fasciitis is usually caused because people wearing shoes that fit poorly. However, if you wear comfort slippers or shoes, it will help in alleviating the condition. You need to look for footwear that stabilizes your painful heels. In case, if you feel that your feet hurt when using certain kinds of shoes or slippers, try to press down on the shoe back close to the heel. It will help you in understanding whether the footwear is strong enough to soothe your heel.

We recommend that you buy shoes apt for treating plantar fasciitis, as they fit you properly without causing pain. Some doctors say that 14 percent of patients experience much relief after wearing the right kind of shoes.

The best form of treatment

Usually, the right type of shoes and apt fit will alleviate plantar fasciitis. However, if the pain or discomfort still persists, you can consult with a podiatrist without delay. The medical professional will analyze your heel pain to understand whether the discomfort is due to plantar fasciitis or any other foot condition. Accordingly, the doctor will recommend medications and types of treatment.

The podiatrist may recommend you the use of comfortable shoes or slippers daily so that walking or running becomes easier without excessive pain. The medical expert may also suggest foot tapping.

Only in serious cases, your doctor will recommend the release of plantar fascia, a kind of surgery in which the ligament is removed from the heel bone to give you relief. However, in most cases, medication and wearing the right type of shoes will help you cope with plantar fasciitis.


So, if you feel foot pain when standing or walking for a long time, you must get in touch with a medical expert and start wearing comfy shoes or slippers.