Planning To Sell iPhone Online? Keep These Tips In Mind

No one dislikes making some quick extra bucks without putting in any effort. Selling your iPhone is one way to do that.

You might have the phone just lying around or you might be in the process of buying a new phone. Why not take this as an opportunity to make some money? That phone will not be of any use now anyway. You can also consider exchanging your mobile phones but that will not bring you money as selling it would, right?

When you have made the final decision to sell iPhone online, make sure that you have taken a few important steps before moving forward. After all, you don’t really want any regrets once you are through with the process, right?

Know what your phone is worth before you go on and sell your iPhone at a loss. Also, determine where you can sell the phone at the best price and you can prepare your iPhone for sale.

Also, your mobile phone is your liability. Its value is bound to start depreciating from the moment you hold the phone in your hands. Thus, keep in mind that the more you hold on to the phone, the less it will be worth.

Here are a few tips to always remember when you are selling your iPhone online.

Always be honest about the phone you are selling

When you make the decision of selling your iPhone online, make sure that you are also making a decision of being honest with your buyers. Why offer something that has no value to someone who really needs a new phone?

If you offer the right information and details about your product to your buyers, you will be able to find someone or whom the product will fit like a glove. If the phone is not in working condition, maybe a brand that repairs and resells phones will consider purchasing it.

Mention the issues that you have come across. Be it the battery issues, any scratches on your phone, or maybe even a broken screen!  Consider checking your phone at cell phone repair poway as they will figure out its actual worth.

This way, when your buyer sees the phone for the first time, they will at least have realistic expectations and the chances of you selling your phone will increase.

Be quick about selling your iPhone

As we have already discussed, your iPhone is a liability. Just like your car, the value of your iPhone also keeps depreciating or reducing.

With the increasing smartphone market and new ones being launched one after another, you need to be quick about selling your phone. The moment you buy a new phone, simply put your other mobile phone up for sale then and there.

The more you delay selling your phone, the lesser value you will be getting for the phone. If possible, try to sell your second-hand pones before a new generation phone is launched in the market.

Set up the right price

Before you put your phone online for sale, make sure you understand and have already calculated the worth of it.

It is true that finding the accurate or direct answer to ‘how much your phone is worth’ is tricky. There are plenty of factors that are in play. Apart from the factors, the supply and demand of the particular model also play a vital role.

To make this decision, you can take help from various websites like eBay. These websites often recommend a reasonable rate for selling your mobile phone.

Also, always make sure that you are setting the minimum price. No one will pay a lot of money for a used phone.

Use easy payment options

So, you have shared all the details about the mobile phone, and you have set the rate at which you will be selling your phone. Now comes the payment method. You need to find the most convenient option to receive your payment from your buyer.

You should keep in mind that you will come across all kinds of individuals, thus when it comes to accepting payments, you need something secure.

You can opt for online payments where buyers can send money directly to your bank accounts via debit cards or credit cards. It is the most secure option that you can select.


Selling your iPhone online is not difficult. All you need to do is be quick in selling it, be honest about the features, and make sure that you are selling it at what’s it truly worth.