Planning a trip to Australia? Things You Should Know

Thanks to online guides, it is now easy to plan trips. Planning goes a long way in making your trip a success, and it includes researching more about your destination. Whether you are traveling for a short stay, an extended stay, or a permanent move, here are the critical things to know when planning your trip to Australia.

The best time to visit

When planning your trip to Australia, you should first find out the best time to visit, especially when going for a vacation. Take seasons, holidays, and other events into consideration to enjoy the best experience. Note that such aspects can impact the availability, costs, and types of experiences on offer for tourists.

So, find out the best time of the year to visit, depending on your reason for the visit. If extreme heat is not your thing, consider visiting during spring or early autumn. You should also keep in mind that different regions in the country can have different climates since Australia is a big country.

Australian customs

Like any other country, Australia has its customs and regulations that every tourist must adhere to when visiting the country. Some items you can’t bring to Australia include illegal drugs, weapons, meat, vegetables, fruits, shoes with clay attached or mud, and some wooden products. It is best to check with the Australian government of home affairs to find out what is prohibited on the borders.

Health insurance

Do you need private health insurance in Australia? This is one of the questions you should evaluate when visiting Australia. The country has good quality public healthcare system, and it guarantees patients free access to healthcare. However, it doesn’t provide a choice of a surgeon, doctor, private hospital room, or the hospital.

On the other hand, private health insurance provides more options for doctors, surgeons, and hospitals. It also comes with convenience because you don’t have to sit through long queues waiting to see a doctor. Private health insurance is an ideal option for tourists and ex-pats.

Mobile phones

Telstra, Optus, Vodacom, and virgin mobile are the leading mobile providers in Australia. Telstra offers good coverage even in remote areas, and you can get a prepaid sim card quickly. You can apply for monthly contracts that provide a long-term paying solution if you are in Australia for a while. However, you should have a backup if you plan to travel to the outback.

Travel insurance

It is best to arm yourself with travel insurance for Australia that includes visitor health cover while on your trip. It is always worth it if you get sick or injured during your visit to Australia, ensuring safe travel. Ensure you read the travel insurance terms before signing anything to avoid inconveniences.

Getting around Australia

You can hire a car in Australia and drive yourself around if you have a license. You must be 21years and have had your driving license for at least a year. You can use uber or public buses to get around Australia if you have the time for long journeys. The cheapest option for getting around the country is via a public bus. There are also train services linking to different cities, and this transportation method is excellent if you plan to take the scenic route.

Book your flights early

There are variations in flight ticket prices depending on the seasons. For instance, schools holidays and Christmas come at a higher price because everyone is probably traveling then. You can get a favorable deal by booking early. After all, you don’t want to miss out on your favorite deal by booking too late or paying more than you should have. If you have a flexible plan, you can look for airline sales.

Accommodation in Australia

Like many other countries, Australian cities have accommodations to suit all budgets. Whether you want five-star accommodation for the ultimate vacation of all time or are the budget-conscious type, there is something to suit your budget. If you’re going to camp and spend a few nights watching the stars, there are many campgrounds in Australia near many of the country’s spectacular views. Also, pack consciously depending on the time of travel. Ensure you have all the essentials to keep you comfortable in case of a weather change.

Where to visit

Australia has so much to offer, from scenic views to beaches and adventure. Unless you have your heart set on visiting a particular place, you will be spoilt for choice. It is best to research extensively and decide what you want to see when you get to Australia to make the most out of the trip. Popular routes include:

  • Perth-Uluru-Sydney.
  • Melbourne-Uluru-Sydney.
  • Sydney-Uluru-Cairns.
  • Melbourne-Uluru-Cairns.

You can plan your visit around these itineraries for a good blend of natural landmarks, scenic views, and a mix of the top cities of Australia.

Last words

Plan adequately to get the most out of your trip. Australia is not short of world-class events such as sports, concerts, and festivals that you can plan your trip around.