Plain Los Angeles – Plain and Simple Shopping

Online shopping has long been part of the norm and it stuck around more in this new normal. But various shopping websites can be quite overwhelming. Sometimes, we want a clean and pristine environment and that could be applicable to when we shop clothes online.

Meet Plain, a Los Angeles-based brand that offers a minimalist lifestyle through its simple wear and lifestyle products. Providing simple yet quality basics, Plain LA offers tops, caps, bags, accessories, and more.

Just launched last year, this baby brand isn’t just another shopping website trying to earn your bucks. It donates a sum from a customer purchase to a tree planting organization. Their advocacy complements their brand’s minimalist lifestyle principle. You can even check the counter on their site’s homepage, somehow also telling you how much customer purchases they’ve had so far. The site has a very simple and clean interface, making the shopping experience easier and faster. Though based in the city of angels, they offer free U.S. shipping and various payment options are available.

Aside from simple casual outfits, Plain also offers some eco friendly products, taking their brand principle further. But based on the product reviews we’ve seen, their iPhone accessories seem to be their bestsellers. With such cool prices and allowing customers to take part in helping out a tree planting organization through their purchase, then it’s not a surprise that they’re a hit.

Upon further exploration, the brand is composed of quite young individuals. Impressive and gutsy for them to compete in the online shopping industry, knowing that there are some bigger and established brands already. Exciting to see how Plain would further rise and to see what products they will offer soon. They have past products that seem to be awesome, too. Will they make a comeback? Only way to find out is to check their website and social media via Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. It is best to check them there for updates and promos, too. Customer care is reachable via Facebook messenger / chat. Let us know your Plain shopping experience, we’d be happy to hear from you.