Places on the Emerald Coast You Shouldn’t Miss

When it comes to traveling, the Emerald Coast is the place to be. The Emerald Coast has the best seafood and beaches in Florida. Unlike its South Florida counterparts, the Florida Emerald coast is a harbor of natural wonders. It’s quiet, tranquil state parks and turquoise waters bring a refreshing sensation at the moment. Its luxurious line of paradise, white beaches, and sparkling gulf gives travelers the effect, feeling like you just escaped into the Caribbean. It is a small paradise found stretching through the Florida panhandle, Pensacola, and Panama City, which is on Mexico’s gulf, in Florida’s northwest parts.

1. Panama City Beach

It is easy to see shores stretching up to 25 miles from high-rises that offer you the perfect bird’s eye view. Fascinating shops and restaurants in Panama City Beach are plentiful, while the scuba dive is also noticeable. Different activities are put in line to keep your adrenaline going, such as speed boat racing, a little bit of motorcycle racing, entertainment, finger-licking food, ECQ adventure, and best romantic experience for your partner.

2. St. Andrew State Park

Not so far from the bustling Panama City Beach, St. Andrew State Park provides the best serene nature trails. It is a shuttle to shell island, where it is thrilling to pick up a sea urchin or a conch on several miles of free sand. A beautiful shell island is part of the southern part of the park. At St. Andrew State Park, safety for both guests on arrival, and the staff is guaranteed. It is an ideal location for adventure and camping, most preferred by girl scouts. Camping, kayaking, pontoon boat rentals, fishing and more, make St. Andrews among the best Florida’s state parks.

3. Destin

Destin Fort Walton Beach is located along the emerald coast, south of Fort Walton Beach, with a clear beach view of Mexico’s Gulf. It is a harbor of beautiful white sands, emerald green water, while some term it as ‘the world’s luckiest fishing village.’ Its unique characters of deep fishing stretch miles of sugary beach, accompanied by different water sports, shopping opportunities galore, and dining. With the best mouthwatering seafood restaurants, you will ever experience the best gulf views and breathtaking sunsets. Also, as you can see on this website, Destin Island has several vacation rentals that you can stay in. Do your research to get an idea of the various vacation rentals you can book during your stay here. Find out the restaurants and countless adventures you can experience in this destination. Either way, no adventure in Florida is complete without a trip through Destin.


4. Grayton Beach State Park

If you want to enjoy seclusion, look no further than Grayton Beach. You can experience the emerald green waters that are best for a summertime swim. Grayton Beach offers two rare coastal dune lakes that are ideal for kayaking. There are also plenty of bike and hiking trails. Visitors are attracted to this beach, thanks to its natural feeling of freedom. It is a conducive spot for different outdoor adventures.

5. Navarre Beach

Another beach you need to visit is Navarre Beach, located in Navarre, Florida, as part of Santa Rosa Island. It is an enchanting barrier island that stretches up to 12 miles of white sandy coastline. This gorgeous spot is full of friendly tourists, both local and international. Navarre beach’s location is conducive since it is in between two major cities. Navarre is a lovely and family-friendly town. A beautiful gem on the gulf islands consistently ranks among the best beaches in the state. Finally, it is safe to swim in the emerald waters, take a long cruise, or fish from the longest pier.

6. Seaside  

Seaside is an excellent town in Florida’s panhandle. It is one of the ideal places to take a drive while viewing its pastel, Victorian cottages fitted with white picket fences. It was made famous in the movie ‘The Truman Show’ in 1998. It is a perfect area for families’ retreat, while beachgoers can do their surfing gently off the shores as they bask in the sun under hickories, pines, and a canopy of magnolias. You can have a personal walk on a pedestrian-friendly area along the brick-paved path while finding an array of local treasures.

It would be best to take a retreat once in a while, whether you will travel solo or with family and loved ones. Consider the above sites if you think of a place to go to spend a weekend or vacation. These will provide unforgettable experiences and memories to carry into your future.