Pickleball vs Pingpong: What’s the Difference?

Ping pong enthusiasts, youngsters, and fun-loving people everywhere are developing a love of the newest sport sweeping the globe. This simple mash-up of ping pong, tennis, and badminton result in the game affectionately called pickleball.

Created in 1965 by a couple of dads trying to occupy their bored youngsters on a rainy day during a weekend getaway at the beach, this light-hearted enjoyable game has exploded in popularity.

Nearly six decades later we have an official rulebook, a thriving community of players, and even sanctioned tournaments. As we dive into the wonderful world of America’s newest sport, you can find all the information along with branded equipment just a click away at the Pickleball Portal.

Visiting the Pickleball Portal is so much easier and more reliable than searching up a pickleball store near me. As quickly as the sport is spreading, it may still be challenging to find a brick-and-mortar location. If the name sounds new, you need only speak to your closest ping pong enthusiast. Most of them have heard all about pickleball and may have even played. If they have, they can tell you there are some stark differences between pickleball and ping pong.

The Most Notable Differences Between Pickleball and Ping Pong

One of the most notable differences between the two games is that you play ping pong on a dedicated table while in pickleball you quite literally stand on the table. Pickleball can be played indoors or outdoors on a court the size of a badminton court with a 36-inch net like a tennis net. The court is divided much like a tennis court with the addition of a seven foot no-volley zone called the kitchen. A ping pong table, on the other hand, is nine feet long by five feet wide with a six-inch net in the middle.

The paddles for the two sports are similar but where ping pong uses a small circular paddle with a short grip, the paddles for pickleball are larger and more square. Ping Pong balls are plastic and about 40mm in diameter where pickleballs are roughly 2.9 inches in diameter and have holes in them. Unfortunately, you can’t just Google pickleball store near me to find your equipment, but you can find it at the Pickleball Portal and most big box retailers.

Strategic Differences in Play

Both pickleball and ping pong are played to eleven points and games must be won by two points, but the serves are different. In ping pong, the ball must bounce on the server’s side first whereas in pickleball it is just served straight over the net. Volleying is not permitted in ping pong, but it is in pickleball after the serve return. Ping pong requires alternate serves every two points where pickleball requires the serve move after a losing rally. Pickleball also dictates that the players switch sides after every point which is not required in ping pong.

The Pickleball Portal Means You Don’t Need to Search for a Pickleball Store Near Me

Ping pong players, tennis players, and even badminton players are all falling in love with the game of pickleball. It can be played on a dedicated court, in a yard, or even in the driveway with just a few modifications. The best part is that it doesn’t take a bunch of expensive equipment to enjoy the game.

For the few things you do need, the Pickleball Portal means no more endless searches for pickleball store near me. You can get everything you need, read about the history of the game, and even find out how it got its funny name. In the meantime, brush up those skills and call all your ping pong playing friends to invite them to a friendly game of pickleball.