PDFBear: The Best Free Word To PDF Converter Online

Looking for safe, reliable, and effortless ways in converting your Microsoft Word to PDF format is not easy as it seems, but it is much easier than you think. It will only take your time because some converting websites will waste your time clicking on buttons, exiting ads, and reading instructions that will lead you to nothing. You can search for another website but you will never find an organized site that will not waste your time looking for instructions on how to use the Microsoft Word to PDF converter. We will show you the four steps in converting Microsoft Word to a PDF format.

1.  Upload the Microsoft Word document you want to convert.

Without a doubt, this online Word to PDF converter is all you will ever need when it comes to editing your PDF files. Upon opening the website itself, you will locate where you will upload the Microsoft Word file you wanted to convert. You will see a blue background that says “Select files” or “drop files here” to start uploading. The website itself is very organized, and it will not give you a hard time looking for it.

2.  The PDF converter will scan your Microsoft Word document.

After uploading your Microsoft Word file, the PDF converter will scan your file. This process is very crucial, but this website is very good at scanning every detail that you upload. Unlike other websites that convert Microsoft Word to PDF files, some of them do not scan other words, rearrange words, and do not scan at all. It will waste your time and effort, and again you will look for another Microsoft Word to PDF file converter.

3.  Wait for the conversion to finish.

They say waiting is the hardest part, but this file converter makes it look easy. It finishes the conversion as soon as possible. Of course, it will depend on how many pages your Microsoft Word has. Compared to other converting sites, PDFBear will be the fastest you will ever use.

The converted PDF file will be ready to go!

Just like that, your Converted file is now ready for you to download. And it only took four steps! That’s how quick and easy this awesome tool is!

Why choose PDFBear?

It is not just the four easy steps on converting your Microsoft word file to a PDF file that makes this converting site the best also its reliability because it can convert all Microsoft word to PDF files on all platforms because if you have a DOC or DOCX document, and you wanted it to be converted while using a different operating system that does not support Microsoft Word, then you will find PDFBear very useful. This converting website can work on all different systems, from Windows to Mac to Linux, you name it!

The thing with uploading your files online, sometimes they do not get deleted instantly. Of course, some documents you are uploading are very crucial and must remain a secret. Some files that you also upload that will not be deleted online can be used against you by some hackers or any act of cybercrime that exists. But in terms of security, PDFBear is SSL-encrypted to keep you safe.

If you are using the cloud to convert your Word, all processes will happen in the cloud. When you upload a DOC or DOCX to the server, PDFBear will do all the job for you. Also, there will be no memory or CPU that will be utilized on your computer.

It’s the best Word to PDF converter online!

It is the best of the best among all converting websites. The article says it all. It has made all the best possible settings you will ever need to convert your file. It is the easiest to access and provides the best tools you can use. You are also assured of your privacy.


If you are looking for a fast, reliable, and organized Microsoft Word to PDF converter that will not give you a hard time figuring how it works, then PDFBear has your back. This site is unlike the other sites that have many advertisement buttons that will waste your time. Converting websites that give you unclear instructions or the worst part is it gives you a converted Microsoft Word to PDF file that is not a 100% copy of the original file that you wanted to convert.