Profile of Mildred Harris

Black and white photo of Mildred Harris

Early Life and Career Born on November 29, 1901,Mildred Harris was an American actress who started her career in the show business at the age of eleven years old. She was born in Cheyenne, Wyoming, to Anna Parsons Foote and Harry Harris, a telegraph operator. At an early age, Harris had appeared … Read more

Profile of Paulette Goddard

Paulette Goddard in the film, A Stranger Came Home

Paulette Goddard was a Broadway performer, a former child fashion model, and a renowned American actress of Paramount Pictures. Two of her notable films were the 1936s Modern Times and The Great Dictatorin the 1940s, wherein she played as Charlie Chaplin’s leading lady. Goddard’s Early Life and Career Marion Levy, also known … Read more

Liza Minnelli

Liza Minnelli in 1972

Born of a showbiz marriage between Judy Garland and Vincente Minnelli, Liza Minnelli has entertainment in her blood. She is a star with her own unique appeal, with amazing vocals and emotional gravitas that ignites its own special magic. She is famous for her huge acting choices, widened eyes, and spiky jazz-hand … Read more

Casino in the movies

Casino in the movies

The glitz and glamour of the casino features in many of our favourite films, spanning across the decades. Often used to up the ante, and raise the stakes of an already tumultuous situation, the casino is the perfect setting for a climactic battle between good and evil – as the atmosphere is … Read more

The Ultimate Travel Bucket List for Movie Lovers

The Ultimate Travel Bucket List for Movie Lovers

We live in a beautiful world with a massive range of cultures. Thanks to the film industry, we can see different parts of it from the comfort of our homes. But, if you love to watch all those places on the screen, you must pay a visit there too. If you are … Read more

Mary Pickford: A Silent Movie Star

a head to shoulders portrait of Mary Pickford, facing front

The beginning of cinema in the United States was with silent films, and many talented artists took the silent screen to a new height with their exceptional performances. The whole story of the film had to be narrated by the artist’s expressions as there was no sound. It was a real show … Read more

A Brief Biography Of Buster Keaton: A Silent Star

Biography Of Buster Keaton

The world of movies was not always equipped with high definition color images and surround sound audio as clear as the chirping of birds on a Saturday morning. It took decades of technological progress and growth of the film industry before we got sound, and even more time before we got color. … Read more

Louise Brooks: A Movie Star And Dancer

Mary Louise Brooks circa 1926.

The silent era of films was an endearing one; much more innocent than today’s saturated market. That’s not to say today’s movies are bad, only that they lack that certain old-timey charm the classics have. When filmmaking was only beginning to evolve and people realized acting was an attractive alternative to theatre. … Read more

William S. Hart: The Silent Cowboy

Cover of “The Square Deal Man” featuring William S. Hart.

Before the age of alien motherships and bullet-time combat scenes, there was the age of the old Western. The heart pounding action in movies back then was all about train robberies, horse chases, and the suspense over who would get the first draw in a shootout in the center of town. Boots, … Read more

Harold Lloyd: A Silent Screen Daredevil Comedian

An iconic scene from the film “Safety Last!” where Harold Lloyd is seen hanging from a clock hand on top of a skyscraper.

It’s easy to forget in today’s world of intricately detailed animation that there was a much simpler time in the movie business. As with all industries, filmmaking didn’t just come into being equipped with top of the line CGI and refined storytelling. It evolved over decades as directors, producers, and actors all … Read more

Introduction to Max Linder: A Silent Screen Star

Introduction to Max Linder: A Silent Screen Star

Max Linder was a big deal in the early days of movies, back when films were silent, and actors had to express everything without saying a word. He was one of the very first movie stars, a master of making people laugh without making a sound. Born in France, Max became famous … Read more

Early Hollywood Star System

Early Hollywood Star System

The Star System was a common practice between the 1920s and 1960s and led to the immense success of Hollywood. Under this system, the stars of Hollywood were hired by the studios and were associated with them under contracts. A screening test was conducted, and as a result, promising young actors were … Read more