Cannabis and Mental Health: Separating Fact From Fiction

Cannabis and Mental Health Separating Fact From Fiction

Cannabis has long been a topic of intrigue and debate, especially when it comes to its potential impact on mental health. With shifting attitudes and changing legal landscapes, it’s more important than ever to take a closer look at the relationship between cannabis use and mental well-being. According to cannabis news, understanding … Read more

Choosing the Right Materials for Your Water Wall: A Guide

Choosing the Right Materials for Your Water Wall

When it comes to creating a water wall, choosing the right materials is crucial to ensure its longevity and functionality. A water wall can add a stunning visual element to any space, whether it’s inside a home or in an outdoor area. However, with so many materials available, it can be overwhelming … Read more

5 Helpful Tips For Surviving Winter In Pigeon Forge

5 Helpful Tips For Surviving Winter In Pigeon Forge

When winter rolls around, Pigeon Forge might not be as full as it is during peak season, which is summer. But if you prefer smaller crowds and a quieter way to enjoy your winter break, this mountain town is the place to be. Pigeon Forge is a happening vacation area offering country … Read more

What Type of Beer is Made in the Philippinesd


If there is one unique thing you need to know about Filipino socialization, it’s their timeless love for drinking. Beer drinking in the Philippines has been embedded in the very fabric of the people’s culture that no occasion or holiday goes by without a beer case or two. For most Filipinos, beer … Read more

Famous War Movies to Watch on a Rainy Day


Do you have a rainy day coming up? If so, then there’s no better way to spend it than by watching one of these famous war movies. War is an integral part of history, and it can be very interesting to see how different people dealt with the same challenges during different … Read more

Cultural Impact of the Philippine-American War


Despite the scars that the foreign forces have inflicted on the people of the Philippine Islands, they have no doubt sown the seeds of their cultures in the humble soils of the archipelago – seeds that have now grown even to define the Filipino culture as we know today. The Spanish rule … Read more

Who Were the Main Generals of the Philippine-American War?


The Philippine-American War was fought between the First Philippine Republic and the United States from 1899 to 1901. Many view it as an insurrection as the continuation of the Philippines’ struggle for independence – first against the Spanish rule and then against the Americans. The Philippine-American started when the United States assumed … Read more

Americans Who Acted as Civil Governors in the Philippines


On July 1, 1901, the civilian government, the Insular Government of the Philippine Islands, was established. It transferred the executive authority over the archipelago to the designated Civil Governor. Among his missions was to prepare the country for its eventual independence. The civilian government was preceded by the United States Military Government … Read more

Characteristics of Spanish Colonial Architecture in the Philippines


Architecture in the Philippines hails from centuries-long of absorbing influences from its colonizers. Being under the Spanish regime for more than 300 years, the Spanish colonial period brought a huge impact on the architectural style still seen on many structures like churches, houses, government buildings, and many others today. Here, let’s discover … Read more

The Second Battle of Caloocan


Caloocan City is one of the most urbanized cities in the Philippines, situated at the northern end of Metro Manila. It boasts a vibrant and fast-paced lifestyle, enjoyed by the over 1.6 million people living in its more than 5,000-hectare perimeter. Founded in 1815, the city steadily evolved from a barrio to … Read more

Beer Brand Filipinos Enjoy Most

Beer Brands Filipinos Enjoy Most

Celebrations in the Philippines won’t be complete without the best dishes in Filipino cuisine and, of course, inuman (Filipino terms for drinking sessions)! Apart from being an eating nation, Filipinos are renowned as strong and hard drinkers. Whether it’s a weekend gathering with friends, birthday parties, graduation parties, or small and big town fiestas, … Read more