What have been the biggest technological advances in soccer?

What have been the biggest technological advances in soccer

As a sport, soccer is still the most popular globally and one that picks up new fans with each passing year. While much of this comes down to the on-field action, top leagues to follow and superstar players to cheer on, the constant evolution of the game is also a factor. This … Read more

What Are the Longest-Running Broadway Shows of All Time?

The Phantom of the Opera (1986 musical) poster

While you’re probably familiar with the classic musicals, many Broadway shows fail to make it. Only about a third of Broadway shows (roughly 40 new ones each year) make a profit. These facts make it even more impressive that some shows have been running for an incredible 30 years and counting! A … Read more

Who Was Peter Pevensie in Narnia?

a screenshot of William Moseley as Peter Pevensie from the film The Chronicles of Narnia- Prince Caspian

Peter Pevensie is the firstborn of the Pevensie children, the king of the Kingdom of Narnia following the death of Queen Jadis the White Witch, and one of The Chronicles of Narnia franchise’s four main protagonists. As the oldest, he is responsible and caring; he is also among the bravest. His Narnian … Read more

What Were the Flying Monkeys in the Wizard of Oz?

Illustration of Dorothy and the characters of the Emerald City on the background of a wonderful sky.

Flying monkeys, better known as winged monkeys, are fictional characters in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1900).  These jungle monkeys with bird-like feathered wings are best known for MGM’s 1939 musical film. Since then, they’ve established their place in popular culture, frequently appearing as a source of evil or fear in ironic … Read more

Learn More About Inuyasha

the cover of the first tankōbon volume of Inuyasha

Rumiko Takahashi wrote and illustrated the long-running anime and manga series Inuyasha. While this series covered most of the original manga, it was soon canceled to allow the manga to move forward. Following the manga’s conclusion, it was succeeded by Inuyasha, The Final Act, to adapt the rest of the storyline. Inuyasha … Read more

Learn More About the Amazing World of Narnia

Pauline Baynes' map poster of Narnia published in 1972 by Puffin Books

C. S. Lewis created Narnia as the primary setting for his Chronicles of Narnia series of seven fantasy books for children. The world is named after Narnia (the country), where much of the Chronicles’ action occurs. Mythical beasts abound in Narnia, some animals can talk, and magic is common. The story of … Read more

How to Choose the Right Outdoor Furniture

How to Choose the Right Outdoor Furniture

It’s enticing to consider transforming a piece of the backyard into an outdoor lounge area for two or three seasons of the year. It is undoubtedly less expensive than adding a room to your house. Who needs barriers in almost any situation? The outdoors has a “green” charm. It reintroduces you to … Read more

The Children of John Quincy Adams

Portrait of John Quincy and Louisa Adams

John Quincy Adams was the sixth president of the United States From 1825 until 1829. John Quincy Adams had a father who was also a president; John Adams was the second president of the United States, and his mother was First Lady Abigail Adams. John Quincy Adams is descended from a long line of New … Read more

The Presidency of John Quincy Adams

Portrait of John Quincy Adams

In the presidential election of 1824, John Quincy Adams narrowly defeated Andrew Jackson. Even though his ‘American System’ modernized the American economy, his support for a protective tariff and his tolerant attitude toward Native Americans forced him to resign after only one term. Adams experienced a consistent animosity from the Jacksonians in … Read more

The First Lady of John Quincy Adams

Portrait of Louisa Adams

Introduction Louisa Adams was born in London, England, and is the only First Lady of the United States who was not born in the United States. Her father was the American consul in London, and her mother, Catherine Nuth Johnson, was English. Her father was a Maryland businessman whose brother signed the … Read more

The Childhood and Education of John Quincy Adams

Portrait of Young John Quincy Adams

John Quincy Adams had an intriguing childhood as the son of John Adams, the second president of the United States, and the intellectual Abigail Adams.  John Quincy Adams was born in Braintree, Massachusetts, on July 11, 1767, and his parents’ eldest son. John Quincy Adams inherited his middle name from his maternal … Read more

The First Lady of James Madison

Portrait of Dolley Madison

Dolley Payne was born in the Quaker community of New Garden, North Carolina, in 1768. She was the first child of Virginians Mary Coles Payne and John Payne Jr., who had moved to North Carolina. Her mother had been a Quaker all her life. On the other hand, her father converted to … Read more