Online PDF Converter: Things You Need to Know About GogoPDF

We all know for a fact that one of the most utilized file formats these days is the PDF or Portable Document Format. Why is it the most popular format, you ask? PDF files can easily be accessed with any device, it supports file encryption, and occupies less space. Knowing these facts, you would surely prefer using this file format, right?

Since it is widely used by many, it is paramount that we know how to convert to and from a PDF file. So, what is the best platform for file conversion? There are so many platforms on the internet that it might prove difficult to choose which one is the best and which offers the best features, right? We are here to make your lives easier and give you the best online PDF converter. View here to learn more about PDFescape online editor. Click here to learn how to compare pdfs.


The best platform for file conversion is no other than GogoPDF. With this platform, not only can you convert your files to and from PPT, Excel, HTML, JPG, Word, PNG, or PDF/A, but it also has a bunch of other tools. Whichever file format you want to convert, GogoPDF surely has everything to help you complete any PDF or file-related tasks.

With that said, it isn’t only a file converter, but it also offers other functionalities for your files. These tools include repair, split, protect, merge, add page numbers, compress, or add watermark to PDF. There’s no need for you to find any other platform since it offers everything you’re going to need, and you don’t need to transfer from one platform to another just to complete your task. 

GogoPDF Features

GogoPDF isn’t only known for its plethora of tools and functionalities but also its security. It offers one of the best security measures one could ever ask for. It has installed a Secured Socket Layer or SSL encryption that guarantees your files and documents are encrypted each time you upload or move them along the internet. The platform also doesn’t store or keep anything you have input into their system, including your passcodes, security codes, or credit card information.

According to their privacy policy, they are not authorized to keep any file that you have uploaded and are required to delete everything after an hour of upload, making it a more secure and safer platform for your files. This would greatly reduce your files from being tampered with, compromised, or even stolen by unknown entities. 

Well, one might argue that using an incognito mode is enough, and you can just use any platform. You can’t possibly be more wrong with your assumption. What incognito mode essentially does is it conceals you from yourself, and it doesn’t even bother hiding your IP address from hackers or cybercriminals. So, the best way for you to make sure your files’ safe and secure while converting is using GogoPDF.

Easy Access

Another amazing feature it possesses is that it is a web-based platform, making it very easy to access. Just by using your web browsers, you get to experience the convenience GogoPDF offers. On top of all that, you can use it on any operating system, including Linux, Windows, or Mac devices. If you don’t own a computer, you can access their services with any device, whether you are using a tablet, iPhone, or Android smartphone, which makes GogoPDF one of the most convenient platforms for file conversion.

GogoPDF Pro

One thing you should know about GogoPDF is that it is free. However, it comes with certain limitations, but if you subscribe to a GogoPDF Pro account, you are entitled to much more features and bonuses. These bonuses include unlimited storage, unlimited access to tools, no more pop-up ads or unskippable videos, and you will get priority assistance from their highly responsive customer service representatives when you experience any technical difficulties while using their platform.

Just for a reasonable price, you get to enjoy all these bonuses and added features, making it a highly practical investment on your part, especially when you own a business or for any school work. With all the added features, your time on the platform will surely be much lesser. If you want to try it out first, GogoPDF offers a 14-day free trial for anyone interested enough to give it a shot. You don’t need to pay a big amount of money for something that gives you so much in return.


Overall, we guess it’s safe to say that everything we have mentioned is features that anyone reading this is looking for, right? It surely checks off everything from your long list of prerequisites from an online PDF converter.