Online Gambling In Singapore

Since the days it was under British rule, Singapore has a storied and long gambling history, with activities such as gambling in dens and cockfighting banned. This has continued to be the case even though the different regimes that run this country. It was further made worse in 2014 after the Remote Gambling Act forbade every form of online gambling in this country.

All hope isn’t lost if you’re hoping to partake in online gambling in Singapore. This is possible since some vendors within this country, such as Singapore Pools, are exempted from the legal restrictions. Here’s a guide on some of the important things you need to know if you’re hoping to participate in online gambling in Singapore, either as a resident or a tourist.

Types Live Casino Games Available In Singapore

Singaporeans enjoy playing Asian-oriented games, so most of the online gambling casinos make sure to include these games. The most popular options are;

Live Baccarat

This game is loved because learning how to play it is not only simple to learn but also doesn’t have complicated rules. You also get to interact live with the lovely dealers. Live Casino Online in Singapore such as (77betsg) offers Authentic Gaming Software and Evolution live games and other benefits. Therefore, this opens up your choices to either bet on Salon Prive Baccarat, Speed Baccarat, and No Commission Baccarat.

Live Roulette

It’s no doubt among the most popular online casino game. This game was designed for everyone, and if you love staking big, there’s the option of a single number or going for black or red for the safe players. Moreover, you can apply tips and strategies, but it’s best to play without focusing too much on learning about it to have more fun.

Live Sic Bo

It’s an exciting dice game that’s characterized by intense play-out and subtle rules. This game usually involves the dealer sharing a dice and then, as a player having to speculate the result. The game is fast-paced with similar traits to the Orient, which appeals to many of the players in Asia, including Singaporeans.

Tips On Legal Gambling In Singapore

If observed, several exemptions allow you to engage in online gambling in Singapore without any legal ramifications. These exemptions include;

Placing Small Bets

Another way of getting to gamble legally in Singapore is by placing small bets. By doing this, the authorities will know you’re only participating in a casual social activity with your friends and not operating a gaming house.

Gambling With Your Trusted Friends At A Private Residence

The best way to avoid being charged by the authorities for illegal gambling is by never gambling in a popular gaming house or any public place where gambling is usually done. You should also only gamble with your trusted friends. It’s best to avoid adding persons to your group you aren’t well acquainted with, which may be considered gambling in a public place. As a result, it’s interpreted that the public does have access, thereby qualifying this as a gambling offense in a public place.

It’s also best to never gamble with seasoned gamblers who might draw the attention of the authorities. A seasoned gambler is someone who has outstanding debts because of their gambling habits or who’s open to spending a considerable amount of money on gambling.

Only Place Bets With Exempted Betting Operators

If you don’t want any legal consequence, make sure to always place your bets with the exempted betting operators rather than private bookies. Moreover, ensure you always observe the minimum age requirement even when betting with an exempted betting operator.

At the moment, the two exempt operators include Singapore Turf Club and Singapore Pools. Nonetheless, this might change in the future if other operators also get the certificates of exemption.

Consequences Of Participating In Illegal Online Gambling

If you’re caught partaking in illegal online gambling activity, your financial instruction provider might receive a payment blocking order, which may;

  • Prevent it from accepting bank draft, any cheque, or any other comparable instrument issues or drawn by you.

  • Prevent the acceptance of any credit offered to you.

  • Forbid transactions or block payments where merchant codes usually connected to gambling transactions are used.

  • Prevent the acceptance of any fund transfer from or to you.

You also risk getting arrested by the authorities without the need for a warrant. If you’re declared guilty of partaking in illegal online gambling, you’ll either serve an imprisonment term up to six months or a $5,000 fine or both.


In this section, we’ll take you through some of the frequently asked questions of crucial details you need to relate to online gambling in Singapore. They include;

What Is The Minimum Age Requirement To Play Online Gambling In Singapore?

The minimum accepted age to gamble in Singapore is 21, despite most offshore casinos permitting players aged 18 years. When creating an account at a betting website, you’ll be required to show proof of your age. If you’re a Singapore resident, this means sending a copy of your identification.

If you’re yet to reach the minimum age requirement, there are many free gaming websites where you can play free games.

How Does Singapore Regulate Online Gambling?

There’s no online gambling site that’s hosted in Singapore. All these websites that allow residents from Singapore are based abroad and not in the government’s jurisdiction. In such a case, the gambling rules to observe will be those that are set by the relevant licensing authority or gambling commission in the country the site is based.

It’s best to always stick to only regulated casinos to guarantee your security and safety. One way to tell a trustworthy online casino gambling site is one that doesn’t shy off placing its credentials on the landing page.

Should You Pay Taxes On Your Winnings?

No, any money you win from your gambling activities isn’t subjected to taxation. Instead, the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore taxes the gaming revenue earned by casino operators and not the players.

What Payment Methods Are Accepted For Players In Singapore?

Despite the gambling being illegal in Singapore, most lots of online gambling casinos still accept Singaporean players. The available payment methods on these sites include Master Card and Visa. However, most Singaporeans opt for the more secure e-wallets options to safeguard themselves from the watchful eyes of the authorities. The popular methods used include EcoPayz, Skrill, and Netteler.


Whereas online gambling in Singapore is illegal, Singaporeans still get to partake in online gambling. If you’re a resident or tourist and wish to participate in this exhilarating gambling experience, feel free to do so with an accredited betting operator. While doing so, make sure to observe all the gambling tips legally in Singapore to avoid a possible jail term, fine, or both.