Online casino UFABET replenishes automatic credits with Thai banking application

Access to overseas-based online gambling sites such as online casinos is increasing from within Japan. Registration for participation is easy, and there are sites that encourage participation in Japanese. ยูฟ่าเบท Gambling is prohibited in Japan, and even overseas sites can be illegal if you bet, but it is difficult to collect evidence and the hurdles for detection are high.

Gambling sites mainly include online casinos and sports bets that target sports. Many of the sites are allegedly licensed and operated in countries where gambling is legal. You can use it by registering your name, address, bank account, etc. on the site, deposit using a credit card or cryptocurrency (virtual currency), and participate in betting. Refunds are received through Japanese accounts.The Asahi Shimbun asked the Japanese subsidiary (Tokyo) of the digital analysis support company “Similarweb” headquartered in Israel to check the number of accesses from Japan to overseas-based net gambling sites.The largest number of online casinos is “Vera John Casino”, and the number of monthly accesses increased from about 648,000 in December 2018 to about 77.51 million in January 2008. It is a calculation that has increased about 119 times in about a year. It fell to about 1.88 million in August of the same year, but turned to an increasing trend again to about 49.38 million in November on ยูฟ่าเบท

The site states that it has obtained a license from Dutch Curacao in the Caribbean Sea. In Japanese, “We provide fair and fair games that everyone can enjoy safely and securely” and “Don’t worry if you get caught in gambling!”, Encouraging the participation of Japanese people.

“Bet365”, which has the highest access in the sportsbet category, increased from about 860,000 in December 2018 to about 13.2 million in July 2008, which was the peak. According to the site, it is licensed in Malta, Southern Europe.It seems that the background to the increase in access to gambling sites is the spread of cryptocurrency assets and the ease of advertising strategies on SNS.

The Japanese criminal law prohibits gambling in Japan, and it can be illegal to bet from Japan on overseas net gambling. However, if the country of origin of the site is legal, the investigative authorities cannot obtain the cooperation of the server administrator, and it is difficult to collect evidence. It can be said that the hurdles for detection are high, but there have been cases where participants have been detected in the past, and a National Police Agency official said, “We will detect as much as possible.”

In response to an interview with the Asahi Shimbun, Vera John Casino replied, “Because we operate under license, there is no problem with betting with cash.” bet365 did not answer the question. (Tamiyuki Onihara, Kosuke Tauchi) At Vera John Casino, you can withdraw the funds in your account to a bank account in Japan.

It is only available to those who have made a deposit using a credit card, but it is a very convenient withdrawal method.Here, we will introduce the procedure for using bank transfer.

Authenticate your account

When you make a withdrawal for the first time at Vera John Casino, you cannot withdraw without authenticating your account.Upload your driver’s license, a copy of your passport, and other identification documents, address verification documents, and credit / debit card, and wait for verification.