Nutrients You Need to Fight Acne and Where You Can Get Them

Acne is something you want to avoid because it looks terrible and it could affect your self-confidence. Various factors cause acne to appear. It could be due to your lack of sleep. It could also be because of stress and anxiety. The food you eat might also affect your skin’s health. Apart from avoiding foods that cause acne growth, you also need to eat the ones that could prevent it.


Zinc could be helpful in preventing the growth of acne. It also prevents diarrhea, hair loss, and impotence in men. Foods containing a high percentage of zinc are pumpkin seeds, beef, turkey, quinoa, cashews, and lentils. You need to include them in your diet since they also help in regulating metabolism and hormone levels to prevent acne. You need around 40 mg of zinc a day to help treat severe acne cases.

Vitamins A and E

These vitamins are also crucial to prevent the growth of acne. You can find them in foods like liver, goat’s cheese, and salmon. If you want to take food supplements, you need to speak with your doctor first to avoid potential complications.


Omega-3 is the type of fat you want in your body. You can find it in some plants and animal proteins. Fish and eggs are among the best sources of Omega-3. They also help neutralize toxins in the body and reduce inflammation. Increased intake of foods with Omega-3 could decrease the growth of acne. It even helps in improving one’s mental health.

Vitamin C

This type of vitamin is essential in boosting your immune system. Most fruits like oranges and apples contain high levels of vitamin C. If you do not have enough intake of vitamin C foods, you can use a serum and apply it directly to your skin. You can check the vitamin c serum before and after images of yourself, and you will notice that your acne starts to go away.

Low-glycemic diet

Foods that are low in simple sugars can help prevent acne. In a span of ten weeks, you can see a drastic change in your skin because of consistently having these foods in your diet. Corn, sweet potato, most fruits, and non-starchy vegetables have a low glycemic index and are perfect for acne prevention.

What to avoid

With the help of these healthy food options, it is easy for you to prevent acne gradually. However, if you also eat foods that are high in fat content and other unhealthy chemicals, you might reverse the effects and see more acne on your face. You need to be consistent in preparing your meals and avoid the ones that could damage your skin. Dermatoloists at the CLÉO clinic can guide you about the right skin care routine you should follow.

It is annoying to have lots of acne on your face, and it could even make you feel ashamed of your appearance. Changing your lifestyle by starting with what you eat will help ease the problem. You can get these vital nutrients with the help of a good multivitamin like Balance of Nature. You can apply serum and other skin care products, but you need to consult with your dermatologist first.