New Year’s Eve: How to Celebrate According to Your Zodiac Sign

Astrology predicts a fiery New Year’s Eve for December 31, when the moon and Mars are both in the sign of Sagittarius. Here is how to ring in the New Year according to your zodiac sign. Also check out as well.

The moon welcomes action-oriented Mars into Sagittarius this New Year’s Eve. The celebration will be enhanced by any activity that broadens your perspective. By utilizing the wide-eyed wonder of this zodiac sign, you can liven up dull plans.

Some zodiac signs will be feeling reflective, making this the ideal New Year’s Eve for candlelight yoga, vision boarding, or a fire circle. Here are some astrological tips on how to celebrate the New Year and make the most of the moon-Mars conjunction.

Forecast for New Year’s Eve in Aries

Mars is winking at the moon in your intrepid ninth house. Find out where the locals celebrate by asking around. If you live nearby, choose a location or say yes to an invitation. You’ll stay up thinking about metaphysical questions and listening to great DJ sets.

This NYE, Aries, use your adventurous side to travel or visit a brand-new location for a night of dancing and socializing.

Forecast for Taurus on New Year’s Eve

This New Year’s Eve, Taurus, you’ll be feeling reflective, so start off with some one-on-one bonding before joining your close-knit group for a toast.

You’ll be happiest getting the party started on a quiet, private note. If you can get yourself un-Velcroed, get dressed up and go to the parties. But if you decide to stay home and slow jam to your own playlist, nobody will hold it against you.

Forecast for Gemini on New Year’s Eve

Forecast for Gemini on New Year's Eve

New Year’s Eve pairings are on the table; lucky you, Gemini! Ping your favorite “twin,” dress alike, and celebrate New Year’s Eve in style.

As Mars dances with the moon in your seventh house of relationships, you’ll be in your gracious, social element. If a friend confesses feelings that go beyond platonic, don’t brush them off as inebriated revelations. There’s no better night to explore if you’re feeling it, too.

Forecast for cancer on New Year’s Eve

This New Year’s Eve, remember that health is wealth by stretching with yoga and beginning your vision board before popping the champagne.

If you’re Cancer, you can leave the party to the professionals. Mars and the moon are aligning in your sixth house of service and self-care. Avoid wild friends who might make you take on the role of a caregiver due to careless partying.

New Year’s Eve forecast for Leo

For Leos, New Year’s Eve will be “big mane, untamed,” so dress up for pictures, dance all night, and flirt like no one is looking—even though you really hope they are!

Mars and the moon in your fifth house gives this New Year’s Eve a boost. Some Leos may find themselves in a low-key, behind-closed-doors kind of mindset. Since this region also controls fame, NYE might be a huge, epic photo opportunity.

Forecast for Virgo on New Year’s Eve

This New Year’s Eve is ideal for hosting or attending a cozy house party because the good vibes are in the air.

You may enjoy the idea of staying home and never even putting shoes on. It’s not too late to invite people to a low-key but enjoyable potluck at Chez Virgo. For an impromptu staycation, try to snag a last-minute Airbnb or boutique hotel reservation.

Forecast for New Year’s Eve in Libra

Reduce the formalities and maintain the fun! You’ll enjoy making new friends and engaging in stimulating conversations. Because you might be moving around a lot, put on the fancy flats!

To ring in the New Year in style, Libra, you don’t need to attend a VIP party. In fact, you might have a blast hanging out in a neighborhood bar. Mars syncing up with the moon in your third house will make for a sociable evening.

Forecast for New Year’s Eve in Scorpio

Give yourself a massage and a mani-pedi, and only attend events that won’t break the bank.

Scorpio’s Mars and the Moon are conjunct in your earthy second house. While you lavishly spend an afternoon at the day spa, let someone else swing from the chandelier. Spend time with a group that is not exclusively made up of couples.

Forecast for Sagittarius on New Year’s Eve

An exuberant celebration will liberate your spirit. Take advantage of the attention by performing dances and songs.

This New Year’s Eve, Sagittarius, you’ll be the belle of any ball you attend. Mars’ cozy conjunction with the moon in your sign creates electrifying planetary conjunction. Allow yourself to experience intense feelings, but watch out for your propensity for hedonism.

Forecast for Capricorn on New Year’s Eve

This New Year’s Eve, you have a lot to let go of, so take some time to reflect on what you’re leaving behind before setting some heartfelt goals.

You’ll have a lot to think about this New Year’s Eve as agitator Mars and the moon are conjunct in your twelfth house. By engaging in some meditation before you enter the party scene, you can attempt to balance these disruptive energies AND make the most of them.

Forecast for New Year’s Eve in Aquarius

Be impulsive this New Year’s Eve, Aquarius; you’re in your element! Skip the stuffy cocktail parties and have a good time with both old and new friends.

Mars, the fiery planet, joins forces with the moon in your eleventh house of groups. Curating your friend list might be one thing you’re concentrating on. Set a few lofty, “wouldn’t-it-be-crazy-if” goals if you want.

Forecast for Pisces on New Year’s Eve

Lift up and rejoice! Your fantasy-spinning sign needs a fancy New Year’s Eve to ring in the new year in style.

On New Year’s Eve, Mars conjunct the moon in your tenth house of status and prestige. The career-driven transit will inspire you to make ambitious plans for 2024. You practically owe yourself a fancy party because you’re going for the gold this year.