New Business Costs Unique to 2020 You’ll Likely Have in 2021

With how COVID-19 affected our lives in 2020, there are no signs that it will regress any time soon. In fact, our precautionary measures must be performed even in 2021 until a proper vaccine comes out. Until such a time comes, we remain stuck with the precautionary measures that we should take even at work.

Considering that the costs for such measures aren’t exactly free, it is likely that they will cost you a sizable amount of money by the end of the year. If you want to know more about the costs that would likely have in 2021 as well, continue reading this guide.

No-Contact Temperature Devices

Every business in 2020 needs to invest in high-tech tools. The challenges that we’re facing in these dire times will make it difficult to maintain the safety of all employees. Thus, a good amount of money should be invested in high-tech tools, such as the no-contact temperature-taking devices. They are one of the best ways to know whether or not someone is by taking their temperature. It is also highly required that you take the temperature of anyone entering the premises to ensure that the chance of infection is minimal. The infrared scanners are an excellent way to identify if someone has a high temperature. Another device that can be used is facial recognition and thermal scanning, which can be equally effective as infrared scanners.

Personal Protective Equipment

Typically, any workplace should equip both employees and visitors with personal protective equipment. A workplace will need a good supply of protective items, like facial masks, hand-washing stations, and at least one gallon hand sanitizer to maintain employees’ and customers’ safety. Make sure to place handwashing stations in areas where everyone can reach them. In addition to that, provide all customers who set foot in your workplace with a face mask. You may also add the cleaning supplies costs as well, as you will need cleaning chemicals to wipe the surfaces touched by employees and customers. It is always important to maintain the cleanliness of the workplace floors, so you must factor the costs of hiring floor cleaning services.

Apps and Software Programs

Multiple businesses are now using social distancing apps and software programs to keep everyone safe, so you might expect the added costs of these programs to increase as well. There are free apps, like 1point5, can be used to warn people to maintain an appropriate distance, as this app can scan nearby mobile devices and warn you if some of them come closer than 1.5 meters around your device. There are also remote working software tools, like Asana and YouTrac, which will help you track the progress of your employees’ progress, that are paid, so you’ll be expected to handle these costs as well.

Air Filtration Systems

Air Filtration Systems

While it’s true that COVID-19 is not transmittable by air, we must do all we can to ensure that the workplace’s environment is safe in all ways possible. Thus, a lot of businesses are now investing money in getting a top-notch air filtration system in their workplaces, so that the air indoors is always fresh and contains low levels of CO2.

Air filtration systems have also proven to be a good way of mitigating the risk of getting infected. However, you can’t use HVAC systems and air purifiers alone to combat COVID-19. The filters in these systems should be changed regularly and with gloves and masks on, considering that they might be carrying microbiological material, including the COVID-19.

Cleaning Services

It should be noted that your business is already under serious risk while operating during this time. All businesses are. Therefore, maintaining a workplace safe and infection-free will make all your employees feel slightly less anxious. Because the CDC’s guidelines instruct all essential businesses to disinfect all areas routinely, you are expected to hire cleaning services to do regular cleaning and sanitization. A professional cleaning service should do proper disinfection and sanitization strategies, such as wiping all the surfaces in the premise, and fogging, which is a technique that is used to spray disinfectant in the workspace in order for it to reach all areas. There is also the spraying technique, which applies a wet spray to cover all surfaces in a sanitizing solution.

It is no surprise that costs in these areas should increase, especially in 2021. Because the future of the vaccine remains unclear until now, it is hard to determine how long these added costs will remain, but all businesses should be ready to cover these costs in the future, nevertheless. Make sure to read all the news regarding limiting the spread of the disease, so you can equip your workplace with all the necessary safety equipment.