Neck Tattoos – Everything You Need to Know

Neck tattoos for men are considered a brave and fearless action or step since the neck is the one of most painful body parts to tattoo. Neck tattoos for men represent a masculine symbol and it is an amazing way to stand out and express yourself. Would you like to express a feeling or draw one? Visit theYou today to choose from some of their collection of exquisite options of neck tattoos for men.

Most men decide to ink personal and meaningful designs that signify their feelings, tell a story or reflect their beliefs. Because each tattoo reflects an emotion, each has its distinct meaning. In this article, we will also present unique and trendy ideas for men’s designs with an explanation of some of their meanings.

Eye-catching Neck Tattoos for Men

Masculine neck tattoos reflect much of a man’s personality and identity, and below are some popular designs that express distinctive feelings and their meanings.


A rose as a symbol of love, the beauty of life , love with pain and  even death of a loved spouse. Rose tattoos look unique in any shape on the neck. Rose neck tattoo is most suitable for men who want a  poetic and peculiar look and each meaning depends on the design you choose.


spiders seem scary, terrifying, and poisonous to many, because of its multiple legs and eyes. The spider tattoo reflected a distinct symbol of the wildness, danger and poison. Men who want to instill fear on others mostly choose this design.


Lions symbolize bravery, courage, royalty, and power or strength. They are chosen mostly by men who want to express their dominance or bravery.

Flying Birds

A flying bird signifies joy, happiness or freedom. It is sometimes chosen to express one’s lifestyle or emotions.


These are tribal Neck designs drawn to tell stories, beliefs and tribal remarks. They come in different remarkable styles and colors, and say a lot even without words.



Eagle tattoo expresses a person’s ability to soar above difficulty in life and society. Eagles are predators and are always unstoppable. It also represents strength and dominance.

Side Neck Tattoos

These tattoos are drawn on the neck side and may be black and white or in different colors, but they frequently feature vibrant details with distinctive styles or a stylish appeal.

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