Must-Haves for a Trip to Europe; Your Ultimate Checklist

So you are finally geared up to create lifetime memories with your loved one, as you embark on the much-awaited trip to Europe.

You have booked the flights, made the accommodation bookings, got the best prepaid sim for Europe and now it is time to pack your bags. And a trip to Europe is definitely not just for 3 days; it is definitely going to be a tad bit longer and well, it deserves to be.

Therefore, packing some of the most important must-haves is very crucial. And what are those? Let’s find out.

Your Checklist for Trip to Europe

Before you start packing, we would recommend you get the right type of bag for it. A sturdy, wheeled suitcase is definitely the best. You can also opt for a travel backpack but a suitcase tends to carry a lot more.

Once you have the right luggage, here is what you need to pack.

1. The Right Outfits

Do not pack everything you see in your wardrobe; be very choosy. Europe is a hub of fashion yet they remain very versatile and minimal. Thus, pack refined clothing items. Moreover, try to carry items that can be mixed and matched and turned around into new outfits. Packing too many outfits is not a wise decision.

2. Comfortable Shoes

You might have to walk a lot when in Europe so comfort should be your first priority when packing shoes. The cobbled streets and the hillsides can be tough to walk on with sandals. Also, if you are planning to visit the Alps, make sure that you have hiking boots.

3. Sunscreen

The European sun can be extremely harsh. Thus, carrying sunscreen is very important. You can also keep a hat along with you. And don’t forget to pack your favorite sunnies along too.

4. Raincoat

Although you can buy it from any local shop in Europe if you have one back at home; why not pack it along? Europe is known for uncertain rains. And if you don’t want to ruin your day, keep a raincoat along so that you can have fun outdoors, anytime.

5. Small Day Bag

You won’t be sitting in your hotel room while in Europe. There is a lot to do and most of your day will be spent exploring and site seeing. Thus, pack a small day bag along with you. The bag must be secure so that it can carry all your basics in it. Always keep a water bottle, camera, sunscreen, and maybe some snacks. Keep your cards in a separate bag or anywhere else, closer to your body so that they do not get snatched.


Visiting Europe is nothing less than a dream come true. Thus, prepare well for it to make sure that you can have the time of your life while being there. Also, don’t forget to pack your USBs, chargers, toiletries, important documents, and cards along with you too.

Make a checklist and go through it thrice at least to certify that you have packed all the essentials.