Must Have Clippers in Every Barber’s Kit

Cosmetologists and barbers use different types of clippers for performing diverse tasks. It is a vital tool that is available in several forms and shapes. When you are in this profession, you must know the different categories of clippers and when to employ them. Proper training in this field is necessary if you want to be known for your services and products.

Detachable blade Clippers

The powerful and handy clipper is a detachable blade clipper. The blades are easy to remove, and you can change them depending on the requirement of your customers. There are different ranges of razor blades. The lower the figure on the blade, the more finely the clipper will cut. Hence, if you go for ¾ blades, they will amend the hair at half-inch length.

On the other hand, some shear blades will give a person a bald appearance. These clippers are very powerful, and they can cut thick, long, and wet hair in no time. Most of the barbers use these blades for shorter beards and fade trimming.

You can also check out professional hair clippers for more great options.

Adjustable Clippers

Another popular category of the clipper is the adjustable one. These clippers come with plastic attachments for cutting the hair in a longer length. As the name suggests, these clippers come with a lever located on the side of the handle, which alters the blade length. When you close the lever, it cuts the hair shorter than when it is open. The numbers range between one to five. The lower the numerical, the shorter it will cut.

T-blade trimmers

The appearance of this trimmer is the reason behind its name. The uppermost blade protrudes out from the side of the handle, creating a T-shape. It helps in closer cutting and outlining the neck, ears, and beard. Although it is not a very powerful tool, it helps bring out a range of cuts. It is best when used for cleaning edges and making interesting line designs.

Maintaining the Clippers

Although it sounds simple, it is critical that every user must know. After you are done with cutting, you must disinfect the comb and brush off the clipper. Try to use disinfectants with a lubricant that keeps the edge of the clippers well moisturized. Specific clipper brushes are available for cleaning the blades and disinfectant sprays to remove bacteria build-up.

You can search the digital forum to buy trendy clippers. Sometimes you might get discounts with bulk purchases. Some websites provide high-quality tools at a reasonable rate. More so, Barber Co provides quality instruments and genuine customer reviews to help you decide. Hence, going through these reviews will help you a picture which tool is appropriate for your salon. Try comparing different options online and then make a purchase.

You must clear all your doubts regarding the barber tools to make use of all the features. Along with this, attending barber workshops and seminars is vital if you want to stay up to date with the new tools and equipment. They will give you a decent picture of the functions and maintenance of each option.