Moving To A New Home: How You Can Help Your Dog Adapt

It is certainly an exciting time for every member of the family when you finally find a new home and you get stuck into moving and planning all the wonderful things that you’re going to have and do in your new place. However, we often don’t consider how this may affect our furry members of the family- we just assume that they’re as excited simply because we are. If you are moving to a new home and are concerned about how you can help your dog adapt, then read on to utilize the best tips to give them, and yourself, peace of mind.

Gradually Familiarize them with the New Space

The worst thing you can do is to make the move for your dog suddenly on the day you move. The best thing to do in order to have the transition work as smoothly as possible is to gradually introduce them to the new home. Even if you haven’t moved any of the furniture or appliances yet, it’s important that you familiarize your pup with the house, both inside and out, so that when you finally do make the move, it’s a place they know and won’t be too spooked about when you make the full transition. You want to also make sure that you look out for any changes in their personality as you do so to ensure that you are taking care of their health and well-being.

Keep the Stress Away

The last thing you want for your best friend is for them to be dealing with a ridiculous amount of stress, which could ultimately lead to depression or even them getting sick, and would take quite a while for you to get them out of this mindset. There are many options available these days that will help your pup relax. Something that is taking the world of animal lovers by storm are different formulas of CBD oil that help in a variety of conditions. When it comes to stress management for dogs, the best thing you can do is invest in CBD oil. There are brands that make them exclusively for dogs. You want to start using this the moment you start to bring in the big boxes, because you’ll find that any sign of change will bring on bouts of anxiety that you certainly want to avoid.

Keep the Stress Away

Set Up Their Space First

As we’ve mentioned, it’s important that you take them to the new space regularly before the move happens. And the best way to make this effective is to ensure that you set up their space before you do anything else in the house. There is no doubt that it will be strange and stressful for them at first, but as you continue to bring them to this space, knowing that they have a spot where they have their food, water and resting place will give them a sense of reassurance.  When you work with great options like WridgWays interstate removalists, you can make sure you have time to focus on whats important.

Introduce them to the Crate

Along with familiarizing them with the new space, if you don’t move your dog around a lot or travel with them a lot, then you need to make sure that you introduce them to the crate so that it is not a source of trauma for them. Buy one large enough to add in all the things they need and so that they can lie down comfortably. This is especially important if you are traveling by air. Keep in by their favorite spot at home and start luring them into the crate using treats or their favorite toys so that they can slowly explore the crate for themselves.

Stay with them for A few Days

Once you’re all moved in, you’re going to have to come to terms with the fact that regardless of all the precautions you take, your doggy is still going to be a bit uncomfortable at first. The best way to overcome this discomfort is to make sure that you spend the first couple of days or week with them at home. This will help reassure them and give them the security they need. It will also encourage them to explore the space freely since they will know that you are there the whole time. You’ll also be able to implement the new space into their walk and toilet routine, which is absolutely crucial so that they don’t have any added stress.  You can also do something fun like Get them home pajamas as well.

Dogs don’t understand what’s going on when big changes happen, especially if you’re moving to a new home. It’s important that you consider the points mentioned here because the last thing you want to do is upset or traumatize your little one, and you want the move to be as smooth as possible.