MINERAL Makes CBD Oil More About Balance

The Lone Star State has added a new storefront to its capital city, and guess what it is? A CBD store, or better yet, a “cannabis perfumery,” as co-owner Matthew “Mills” Miller refers to it. Miller and his business partner Harris Fazlani teamed up in 2017 to launch their company, MINERAL, and now there’s a store right here in Austin, Texas.

CBD (cannabidiol) is a derivative of the cannabis plant and is considered the non-psychoactive part. Right now, people all over the world are using CBD products for themselves, their children, their elderly parents, and their beloved pets. So, what is setting MINERAL apart from simply grabbing some CBD gummies at the local gas station and going on your way?

The answer is product quality

MINERAL was founded after Matthew Miller was recovering from an intestinal parasite that he picked up while in Peru after consuming a tainted meal. During his recovery, he wanted to focus on plant-based wellness and started doing his homework. That homework led to the conclusion that no cannabinoid is effective alone. For this reason, the CBD products that MINERAL produces are made from a full-spectrum oil that embodies the ancillary cannabinoids and terpenes while maintaining the omega fatty acids and vitamins. Add in the fact that MINERAL follows a seasonal production process and is free of pesticides and harmful chemicals, and you have a product that people are interested in.

CBD sleep products are becoming increasingly popular. MINERAL offers a product simply called SLEEP, which calms nighttime anxiety and relieves inflammation that can keep deep sleep at bay.

But maybe the nighttime routine isn’t what you are interested in using CBD products for, and you want something to use during your regular business hours. This is where BALANCE steps up to the plate. BALANCE by MINERAL is a formula made to accomplish bliss in the mind and body. Reducing stress and anxiety and removing inflammation can certainly make a person feel more balanced as they navigate through everyday life.

Now, let’s talk about RECOVERY. This product has hints of avocado, bergamot, and lavender and is intended to rejuvenate the body and mind. The product works best when used after intense mental or physical activity to relieve the symptoms of stress, anxiety, and inflammation.

Soothing and inflammation-reducing MAISON is a topical product from MINERAL that benefits the body not only externally but internally as well. Applying MAISON to sore tissues and muscles can make a person feel refreshed and revived from the inside out. Suitable for all skin types, this salve works best when applied to clean skin and worked into the tense muscles of the body.

The Future of MINERAL

While MINERAL grows its following here in Austin, Texas, the rest of the world is watching. The brick-and-mortar storefront is poised to become an epicenter for people in this community to come together to discuss topics like CBD benefits and plant-based wellness and incorporate them into their daily lives. Lifestyles will eventually take plant-based wellness to a whole new level.