Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher’s Sustainable Farmhouse in L.A.

Sustainability is one of the hottest trends in home design, with many homeowners already achieving a net-zero carbon footprint while living in beautiful, nature-inspired homes. It’s all part of the millennial trend for meaningful, environmentally friendly living and it makes sense at a time in which many countries are struggling to meet the requirements set by the Paris Agreement. Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher’s home, a ‘sustainable farmhouse’ in Los Angeles, shows the extent to which green living is compatible with style and functionality. The following features make it the perfect eco-friendly haven for a busy modern-day family.

Responsible Energy and Water Use

Ashton and Mila’s home is run entirely on photovoltaics, which are hidden from view above the large porch that extends from one side of the home. The property produces more energy than the family uses, so they hope to one day (pending the establishment of municipal norms) to be able to share the energy they generate with other homes. The house also has its own well, which is used to irrigate the land. You may be interested in setting up a sustainable home yourself yet be unable to. Around 77% of houses in the US are ineligible for rooftop solar panels owing to issues like orientation and building height. However, there are other ways you can cut down on energy savings—for instance, by choosing ENERGY STAR certified appliances. You can also make sustainable choices for washers. For instance, although top load washers are more affordable, they use between 30 and 45 gallons of water while a front load washer uses about 13 gallons per load.

An Eclectic Kitchen

The Kunis-Kutcher kitchen (a Sebastian Cox Kitchen by deVOL) highlights the couple’s penchant for eclectic styles. A high, wooden-beamed ceiling is married to a black central island, which is perched upon sexy floor tiling by Tabarka Studio. Graceful pendant lights, meanwhile, hang from the sloped wooden beams and add an elegant designer touch to a super-rustic space. Next to the central island is a small breakfast table with wooden chairs that go splendidly well with reclaimed oak floor planks.

Making the Most of Natural Light

The high ceilings and iron-framed floor-to-ceiling windows of the couple’s home enable floods of natural light to make their way through their home. The couple has added a cheeky touch in the ‘entertainment barn,’ which is more for effect than functionality—an enormous crystal chandelier that hangs over a long custom-made sofa. It was a bit of a nod to Kutcher and Kunis’  humor, since it clashes markedly with the rustic style of his and nearly every part of the home. Light is also present in the bedrooms—including a beautiful child’s bedroom that contains two reclaimed wood bunk beds. It’s almost something you would find in a summer camp and without a doubt this makes it all the more appealing and adventurous. Don’t think the home is purely rustic, though. It still has a few Hollywood glam touches like a luxury standing bath in the shower and a silver throne chair that Kutcher himself designed when he was in India.

The Kunis-Kutcher home is the perfect example of sustainability married to style. Featuring reclaimed wood flooring and roof and crystal doors, windows, and sliders, it pays homage to biophilic design, blurring the gap between indoor and outdoor living. The home also has a few pops of glamor, something that reminds us that all homes should express the personality and values of the people who live in them.