The Steady Growth of eCommerce

Many people do their work and shopping online so it is no wonder that eCommerce business is growing in leaps and bounds. The problem for many is that they start an eCommerce business today and by tomorrow, they are no longer in business. The reason being that the competition is very steep and many people are not sure how to market their website to attract traffic to their business.

Hence, online stores of all size need to use a variety of promotional tactics to attract and retain customers and it’s very evident in south america ecommerce. Holistic marketing strategies includes gaining traction are all possible channels including your website, social media accounts, third-party feature websites, and more. Store owners can utilize ecommerce marketing to outshine their competitors for specific product pages or their website as a whole.

Marketing Secrets

Things can easily be handled when you know a few great marketing secrets…

1. Focus on your website

Your website is your business and you need to keep attention focused on your website by the search engines in order to drive traffic to your doors. You are able to do this by the articles that you write. You need to make your articles informative and unique so that the web crawlers will notice your website. When you are able to accomplish this on a weekly basis then you will be assured of major traffic coming to your business.

2. Pay-per-click

The Pay-per-Click is a means of earning increased traffic for your eCommerce business. This is one of the best methods to market your business. There are search engine providers that will drive traffic to your eCommerce business when people use the right keywords for a small fee. You can create an ad for your product pages for any type of keyword, including brand-centric and product-centric keywords. The most popular pay-per-click platform in existence is Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords).

3. Keywords, keywords!

Keywords are what will open the doors to your online business. The search engines driving traffic to you directly will pick up the use of the proper keywords and keyword phrases. Use a keyword research tool like SEMrush of SpyFu to see what keywords your competitors are ranking on, and then optimize your home, landing and product pages for those keywords. It’s also worth mentioning that keywords need to be used for product images as well. Use relevant keywords in the ALT Tag of every image while uploading it on your ecommerce website.

4. Make your website unique, exciting, and attention-grabbing

Think outside the box by making your eCommerce website exciting and unique. Use good keywords to attract traffic to your website. You want to sell your products by using the right techniques that will help grow your customer base. The marketing niche that you are in is probably crowded with many people all around the world but the methods that you use will drive traffic in your direction.

5. They love free stuff!

Remember that customers love the free-bee and special promotions and this is a good way to get their attention. You can promote your website by offering specials where the customer will want to try your products. These specials can be cross-promoted between your site and your social media pages. For example, you could make the discount exclusive to those who post an Instagram snap while holding your product or service. You can also make it a rule that they need to post your brand’s hashtag to be eligible for the free discount or prize. This will improve your brand awareness efforts on both your site and your social media pages.

Aside from promoting your products online, it is also good to promote it by using other mediums, you can buy promotional products at UsImprints for that.

What to give away as the prize?

While there’s a boatload of things you can choose from, we recommend giving away something that’d make visitors want to participate. One option is a slick tablet like the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8. It comes with a sleek metal frame that features 4x Optical Zoom, 32 GB storage, and 3 months of free Google Play music and YouTube. The winner would be able to stream for long with an HD display and a long-lasting battery that goes on from morning till midnight.

6. Create and send wishlist reminders

An important type of email to add to your lead nurturing email series is the wishlist reminder email. It is somewhat similar in nature to the abandoned cart email, as its aim is to convince buyers to the final action after they’ve shown an intent to buy your product or service. Has it been some months before a person checked out their wishlist? Have people been putting a certain item on their wishlists quite often? Do you have limited stock? Consider sending an email to inform prospects that they might miss out on that great product if they act too late. It could be just the nudge they need to take out their credit cards, enter their numbers, and make the purchase.

7. Consider Using Languages Besides English

The majority of ecommerce stores out there are selling products through English language stores. And that might just be the reason between hundreds of sales and crickets. Just because you love English doesn’t necessarily mean your target audience loves English as well. It could be that you’re getting the majority of traffic from Spain, so consider translating your online store for other major languages of the world. Pay special attention to German, Chinese, French, Hindi and Spanish. Most ecommerce platforms including WooCommerce provide templates that have translation settings built in. With the right platform, you won’t have to miss out on sales from countries that speak a different language than yours.

8. Publish Videos on YouTube

Because over 1 million people watch YouTube actively, some of your target audience are already there. Consider posting videos about your products on YouTube. Identify your topics using highly searched keyword terms, and then create content that’s useful for the visitors. You also have the option to create explainer videos that demonstrate how to effectively use your product, which is key to driving visitors to your product pages and increasing customer satisfaction.

9. Leverage Influencer Marketing

This type of marketing involves companies or individuals who have a great degree of influence over your target audience. In the ecommerce world, the “influencer” term is typically denoted for Instagrammers boasting several thousand follows, but it could also refer to the everyday YouTuber who doesn’t have that big of a following but generates a good amount of engagement on a regular basis. Influencers can help you win hearts of consumers that trust, like and know them.

10. Create a Loyalty Program

You may have heard that a loyal client is a long-term client, and it takes less of an effort to sell to existing customers. So, consider offering loyalty programs to convince customers to keep giving you their business in the shape of membership cards, point-based rewards, etc. While it does require some work and planning at the beginning, the initial effort pays of well in the form of repeat business and user-generated content. Ecommerce brands need to consider a few things while creating a loyalty program. Firstly, they need to diversify how they allow customers to show loyalty, whether it be through social sharing or repeat purchases. Additionally, think about how to reward customers for their effort. Some ideas include exclusive perks and free samples.

Offer Live Chat

There are a couple of ways in which you can implement live chat on your store. Based on your existing volume of queries, you could have a freelance live chat support specialist to cater to the needs of your everyday visitors. The other option is to get a chatbot that helps visitors navigate through your website. Regardless of whether you end up going with the bot or human, live chat will enable your visitors to get answers to their questions right away, which can be a huge help in taking them through the checkout process.  Its also important to consider the whole process including order fulfillment.


It is very important to promote your marketing niche by using the right type of articles, Pay-Per-Click, and special promotions. You will also want to take advantage of social media sites as well to draw traffic to your website. The main theme is to get the attention of the search engines so that traffic will be directed to your website. We recommend you to pay attention to a few strategies first, and then see what’s working and what isn’t. In the end, invest heavily in the ones that are the most accessible for your brand – or are delivering the highest ROI – and create marketing campaigns with each suitable method.