lotto Nigeria: exciting Nigerian Lottery games

Nigeria is one of the most populated countries in Africa. This country is developing its economic condition gradually. The situation inside the country is changing day by day. People like to invest more money in entertainment. Thus lotto has become popular gambling in Nigeria.

Lotto is a version of lottery in this country. There are many lottery casinos in this African country. A difference between average casino and African lotto companies is that lotto companies run their business by serving this game. The casino is not a widespread and legal practice in this country.

Popular lotto 


Since the 90s, the lotto has become popular in Nigeria. Premier lotto is a famous lotto company started their journey in 2001. This company is operating the trend for 20 years. In Nigeria, this company is renowned as Baba Ljebu. Their official website is babaljebu. Ng. 

Why Nigerians like Baba Ljebu much? 

This lotto company has started a lot of new trends in the lotto business. Currently, premier lotto is more than a lottery games company. Famous gambling games are also available in this company. They are providing live lottery and gambling services. 

This Baba-ljebu is one of the leading online casinos in Nigeria, where you can play the lotto online.

How to play lotto games?

Lottery games have been evaluated somehow in this country. In Premier lotto, you will get four types of lottery games. 

Here different comes in number basis. NAP 2 is the least risky game where you can earn 240 times the winning prize. Again NAP 5 is the most exciting game where you can make 44000 times the investment. But this lotto is a bit risky, and there is the chance of losing money.

Most of the lotto games follow the same process. You need to pick up a digit or number. If you can get pic up of the luckiest integer, the game will be yours.

Result of lotto

 Premier lotto have their website, social media fan page. This lotto company arranges many types of lottery games. They publish the work on the website. If you a lotto player, you have to check the website for the lotto result. Who knows if luck fevers, you can be the premier Lotto result and winning numbers of the night. The product is unquestionable. Only the authority is responsible for the development. Premier Lotto arrange a live telecast for the customer.

How will you get the money?

If you become a winner, you must contact the place from where you have bought it. Baba Ijebu sells the ticket in several ways. They have ticket counter booths and also have offices. If you won the competition, you could earn a large amount of money, this you can buy or full fill your dream.

But you must have to contact the authority to receive your prize.

Popular jackpots in Premier lotto:  premier lotto is offering the most significant jackpot throughout the country. They have a 330 million jackpot prize, which you can win at any time. So people from all over the world come to play this game, Online gambling is becoming shop much popular. Oso people from all ages join in those sites to earning a litter more money.

Want to try Premier lotto?

As per their website, you can join gambling online or offline. If you are a tech nerd and want to play a lotto game, online can be the best option for you. On the other hand, as a beginner you can take part in off line lottery game. Whichever you choose, always try to pick up the luckiest number of you, best wishes.