Live Casino vs. Virtual Casino: Which Games Offer Better Odds?

When the first online casino games appeared in the mid-90, the goal of the industry pioneers was clear – to offer an experience just like what you would have in a real casino. The technology back then was rudimentary compared to today, although sure, some developers like Micro gaming were able to create exciting games with real money prizes.

Although, most would say that the online experience was not complete until the 2010s. These were the years when we finally saw live casino on online platforms. A live casino game,꽁머니 set by real runners, cards, tables and more. The only difference is that the live action is streamed from a studio to your smartphone, tablet or computer.

A New Genre in Online Casinos

Live games have proven to be very popular, and have indeed created a new genre in online casinos; but is there a difference in playing it? For example, roulette and virtual roulette, we are not referring to the experience, that is clearly different, but in terms of advantage for the player or the casino. Rather than answering with a simple yes or no, the answer is more complicated.

The first thing to understand is that virtual games are programmed to offer the same odds as a real casino. If you played European Roulette at an online casino, you would have the same odds as when you enter Caesars Palace in Las Vegas and play European Roulette.

To explain: The Virtual Casino has a calculation applied to them called RTP (Theoretical Return to Player). The standard RTP of European Roulette is, in instance, 97.4%, this means that the game will return you $ 97.40 for every $ 100 spent. However, it should be noted that this is calculated over a large number of sessions and is not guaranteed for a single session.

In contrast, the royal casino does not have RTP – they have a house limit. The house limit for European Roulette is 2.6%, which means, theoretically, that the player will win $ 97.40 for every $ 100 spent – just like the Online Casino. Obviously we are referring to the long term probability, and the player could win much more than that as easily as he could lose it.

The Odds are Exactlythe Same

That should be clear, although the preference depends on the player’s point of view, it is something psychological, some players do not like the fact that you play with programmed software, although the odds are exactly the same.

As a tip, we always recommend playing at a licensed casino, only then can you be sure that the RTP and house limit is verified. In addition to this, it is always worth doing a little research; For example, did you know that American Roulette has worse odds for the player than European Roulette? This is due to the extra double zero in roulette. It is better to choose European Roulette in either a Virtual Casino or a Real Casino.