Less is more: 6 elegant jewellery pieces to enhance your wardrobe

When it comes to jewellery, we all have a soft corner for it in our hearts.  Some bond with jewellery due to sentimental or cultural values and others use it to express who they are. Nevertheless, jewellery is a beautiful accessory that creates a huge difference in the way you look and feel in your outfits.

You want the jewellery you pick to complement your personal style. Hence it becomes all the more important to buy the right set that does so. All you require are just 6 simple & elegant accessories that can be paired with all our outfits so, let’s hop right into it. And you can also click the link to order authentic rose gold jewellery online.

1. Bracelets

From dainty, chunky, to crystal bracelets, these are so much fun to incorporate in your everyday jewellery as you can layer and stack as many as you want or wear it just as a single piece depending on the type of clothing you wear.

A rose gold bracelet not only looks elegant but will be a perfect add-on if you are aiming for a feminine look.

2. Earrings

Be it a simple stud, statement earrings, or hoops & dangles- earrings have been a timeless piece of the jewellery collection. They add subtle elegance and are perfect for your everyday look.

You can mix and match or combine the styles of earrings as you desire.

3. Watches

This is often a part of jewellery collection that’s not much emphasized on but did you know that watches add such an interesting element to your outfits?

You can either pair a watch with a dainty bracelet if you want but a watch alone can pull your entire look together. Moreover, you can pair them for both a daytime as well as an evening look.

4. Neckpieces

Neckpieces not only transform your outfits but also beautifies your neckline into a sophisticated and sleek look. An elegant chain with a pretty pendant will give you a very chic and graceful appeal.

You can find neckpieces in different styles but the popular ones are chokers, pendant necklaces, layer necklaces, charm necklaces, etc. You can select from Adinas Jewels Gold Necklaces collection for a versatile and complete look. So, take your pick and be ready to turn heads with your fashion style.

5. Rings

Rings have become more of a statement piece in the jewellery collection & will never run out of style. You will find rings in different variations such as a simple band, detailed or patterned rings that you can layer and swap on your fingers the way you desire.

With their polished look and classy nature, you can mix and match rings with a necklace or earrings for a complete look.

6. Nose pins

If you are into minimalistic & elegant jewellery then nose pins are just the thing you should be looking for.

Available in solitaire, silver & gold, these tiny wonders have been gaining a lot of attention and can make your face look appealing. Nose pins are so comfortable to pair and spice up your outfits with a fun twist.

When it comes down to styling jewellery it should be able to completely express who you are as an individual. So, don’t worry and have fun experimenting with different styles. If you are interested in the latest jewellery patterns then Melorra Jewellery offers an unmatched range of eye-catching and unique jewellery collections inspired by global runway trends that can be worn every day.