Learn More About the Online Game Drift Hunters

Drift Hunters is a fantastic 3D car driving game that you can be played on CrazyGames.com in which you earn points by drifting different cars. These points generate money, which you can use to upgrade your current vehicle or purchase a new one. The game is notable for its diverse driving environments and realistic drifting physics.

Drift Hunters will significantly improve your ongoing interaction. You can fight any dragon you want because they are all open. Because it’s a well-known game with more than 100 million players, it will be challenging for you to achieve truly outstanding results. You must put in a lot of effort and money.

Continue reading to learn more about the immensely popular Drift Hunters game.

Getting Started

When you first start playing Drift Hunters, which is available for free in the Drifted Arcade, you’ll be given a Toyota AE86 (check out these fun Toyota cars while you’re at it!). You get a free car and $25,000 in bank credits to get you started, giving you the option of unlocking another car or upgrading your AE86.

We suggest investing in the AE86 and saving your money to get started. It’s a fantastic drift car, and a well-tuned AE86 will make a much better drifter than an expensive car with no room for upgrades.

Upgrading Your Vehicle

If you’ve decided to invest in upgrades, navigate to the “PARTS” section of the main menu to install tuning upgrades. You can then select the upgrades you want to make. We strongly advise upgrading the engine and turbo, to begin with, giving the car a better capacity to keep the wheels spinning and the drift going.

Learn more about the advantages of using the best cars in Drift Hunters here!

Tuning Your Vehicle

After installing your upgrades, go to the main menu and select “TUNING.” From here, you can make various adjustments, ranging from camber, ride height, and offset to turbo pressure and braking.

The Following Steps

Before shredding tires on the track or the street, go to the “VISUALS” menu, change the paint job of your rims or body, and select a different set of rims. Following that, navigate to the “OPTIONS” menu and, assuming your PC is capable, set the graphics to “HIGH.”

You can also modify your gearbox here, and while we wouldn’t recommend drifting in an automatic car, it’s a good place to start. If you want to use the manual gearbox, shift down with the left “CTRL” key and up with the left “Shift” key.

Then, press “RACE” and select from the street, track, or touge! Remember, you can always return to see the other locations later. If you’re starting, we recommend going to Emashi or Nishuri because there are fewer roadblocks to crash into on these simple and clean racetracks!

Drift Hunters: How to Drift

You’re now ready to start smoking your tires! Don’t be spooked if things don’t go as planned right away. Learning to drift takes patience and time, but we assure you that it is well worth waiting.

It’s better to commence with the fundamentals when learning to drift. First, we recommend devoting some time to understanding how the car reacts and the movement/weight shift.

Start with figure-of-eights and donuts until you’re comfortable tapping the right and left arrows to perform excellent handling skills. Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals, it’s time to put your skills to the test as you prepare to back your car into a corner.

Step 1: Initiation (Starting the Drift)

a white Coupe car chased by another car along the street

Initiation is the transition from driving straight to flinging the car sideways and can be accomplished using either of the following methods:

  • E-Brake: Pressing the “Space” bar locks up the rear wheels, making weight shifting easier when turning. The e-brake method is simple, but it causes the car to slow down, making it perfect for entering low-speed corners.
  • Power Over (Weight Transfer): Power over occurs when you point the vehicle in the direction of the corner while applying significant throttle (Up arrow). Quickly counter-steer in the reverse direction while pressing the throttle when the rear end begins to emerge.

Like everything else in drifting, practice makes perfect, so study these techniques to determine which works best for you. E-brake is likely to be the simplest solution to get you started, and as your confidence grows, you will be able to initiate faster.

It’s perfectly normal to keep spinning out until you get the hang of it, so don’t worry!

Step 2: Keeping the Drift Going (Staying Sideways)

After you’ve learned how to initiate and get the car sideways, it’s the chance to learn how to keep the drift going for as long as possible.

Now that the back end has moved out, you’ll want to “catch” the weight shift as quickly as possible. The most basic way to execute this is to build up speed and begin using your preferred method.

To maintain speed while driving sideways, you can let off the throttle or tap it occasionally. Too much throttle will most certainly send you into the barrier, and remember that you can always strike the brake pedal (down arrow) if everything else fails!

If the car appears to be generating too much angle and rotating too far, ease off the gas or tap the e-brake until it comes back to the correct position while also counter-steering to correct. Maintaining the drift isn’t difficult once you’ve mastered it; be heavy and confident with the throttle and use the e-brake/brake techniques and steering to keep the vehicle at the desired angle.

Step 3: Transitioning (Switching Direction)

a classic yellow and black sports car drifting on the road with smoke

As you continue to tap the e-brake as needed, the process will become much easier as you handle the steering to reach the desired angle when changing sides mid-drift.

Again, don’t be afraid to use the throttle aggressively during the transition. You’ll want to “catch” the car’s weight as it shifts, and counter-steering with the appropriate throttle will allow you to do so. It will usually take time to learn this, but be patient, and you will soon reap the benefits.

Step 4: Leaving the Drift

Allow the weight shift to draw the vehicle’s back end to its desired position, then use full throttle and several “taps” on the e-brake (space) until the car is back driving at the right angle.

It’s critical to remember that drifting is about having a good time. We guarantee that once you’ve put in the time and effort to learn how to drift, you’ll love Drift Hunters even more, and you can soon build your dream car collection.