Key tips to consider for full body waxing

Full body waxing is referred to as a waxing treatment which is designed to remove all the hair from a woman’s body, including the eyebrows and facial hair. Women who give birth or have children are not allowed to be waxed because of the increased risk for infection.

There are many different methods used in the process of full body waxing, including hot, cold, and damp waxes.

Tips for finding full body waxing

1. Pricing

The prices of full body waxing in Singapore varies from salons to salons, so it is important that you visit several before making a final decision. Full body waxing treatments always include some preparation steps for the treatment, such as shaving or trimming the hair which can attract considerable costs.

2. Equipment

Make sure the equipment used in your treatments is sterile and clean, and that they are using proper techniques when applying the wax. If the technique is not done correctly, it can be very painful for the client.

3. Locations

It is important that you visit a salon that is located nearby, so you can avoid wasting too much of your time on transportation.

If possible, look at reviews of different salons before deciding on your final choice, this way you can see how they are treated by their customers and how they handle bad reviews.

4. Accuracy of Reviews

You can find reviews for full body waxing on many different websites, including ‘some waxing salon has a picture and description of the staff and their services,’ ‘reviews by customers,’ or even just the title itself. In this way you can judge how truthful the reviews are, whether they talk about just the treatments done at that salon or if they mention other services like facials too.

5. Ethics

If you are going to go full body waxing in Singapore by yourself, make sure you are doing this for yourself and not trying to obtain any kind of financial benefits. There are many people who are just looking for cheap waxing treatments so they can save money and get a splurge facial service across town, people who might try to say that a salon is bad or overpriced when it isn’t really the case at all.

6. Staff


Make sure that the staff at the salon you choose is friendly and will not ask any embarrassing questions, such as ‘how many children do you have?’ or ‘why would you want to do this?’ Just be honest and answer questions truthfully, no one is going to judge you even if it is your first time doing a full body waxing.

7. Privacy

A good way to avoid feeling embarrassed about waxing treatments is to be private, apart from the other staff. If you work with the same people every time you go, it might be embarrassing if they see you naked.


There are many good reasons to go full body waxing in Singapore, as it is a good way for women to feel well about themselves after giving birth and having many children. To make sure that you are getting the best services possible, make sure you are booking your appointments early so you are not waiting around a long time. If you want to save money, then give yourself enough time to research a good salon and ask them if they offer any special deals.