Keep Your Home Free of Pests as Temperature Starts to Drop

Your home can be vulnerable to pest infestations during the fall. As with humans, pests notice when the temperature drops. When they feel the chilly conditions, they tend to look for warmer digs and once they find this in your house, it can be difficult to get them to leave. You should not allow these unwanted guests to stay in your house in the fall. Call a pest control service in Boise to stop them from growing in numbers and taking residence in your house.

What Pests Love to Stay in Your House

Termites tend to swarm in spring. When the temperatures of the area hit 70 degrees F to 80 degrees F, these bugs will begin to breed. Once they get inside your house, they can damage your home’s structures. Also, ants will be attracted to your house if they get access to food. They tend to become active in spring as well. In the winter, your house can become a target of spiders, beetles, earwigs, rodents, and other pests. Once they lay eggs around this time, you will be dealing wit an infestation during the spring.

How to Keep Pests Out

To prevent pests from invading your house, keep it clean inside and out. Thus, you should trim your bushes and trees regularly, especially those near your home’s foundation. Also, store compost and firewood in places away from your house. Don’t leave any leaky pipes unrepaired since some bugs are attracted to moist conditions. Inspect your foundation for gaps and cracks to avoid making insect-friendly entry points.

How to Know You Have an Infestation

Usually, you will know you have a pest infestation through sightings and odors. If you have pests inside your house like earwigs, termites, and ants, you will often see one of them at least. Cockroaches leave an unpleasant odor while termites leave clues such as mud tubes attached to the foundation of your house.

Although DIY pest control is quite tempting, it is in your best interest to depend on pest control experts. Reputable pest control companies in Boise use the latest bug elimination techniques to eliminate a lot of legged houseguests. Also, they continuously train their technicians to know how to spot the various kinds of pets in the city. Get in touch with a pest control technician if you spot pests inside your home or if you want to get helpful advice to prevent them from taking residence in your house.