Is Valorant Slowly Killing CS: GO?

Valorant is a 5 versus 5 online shooter game where your goal is to kill all the enemies in the given time and win the round. While on the other hand, CSGO is an FPS game where you will get to shoot terrorists and defuse the bomb right on time on a large number of maps all around the globe. There was great hype about the Riot Games new shooter title and players were anxiously waiting to get their hands on the best competitor of CSGO.

Many fans of FPS games are comparing Valorant with CSGO and are looking for an answer to the question that will Valorant be able to beat CSGO. Although Counter-Strike has the record of most players online Valorant release is a huge threat to the dominancy of CSGO in the FPS league. In case, you are looking for a way to buy CS:GO skins or Valorant Boosting Services, we suggest you visit

Impact of the release of Valorant

For the past 20 years, Counter-Strike has been able to resist the dominance of other competing FPS games of the same league. On the contrary, the fan base of CSGO has increased from thousands to millions and it is constantly increasing day by day. When Valorant was released for the first time, it was thought a direct competitor of CSGO and it has been somewhat successful in impacting CSGO.

Valorant has 128 tick servers that have improved the performance of the game by a lot and players can immediately see all the nearby enemies kill them with a headshot or a body shot. It has the same game mode where you need to place a bomb or defuse a bomb to win rounds. Valorant is far less realistic than CSGO but there are a lot of similarities in both games.

Opinion of pro players

When the question that “ Is Valorant a CSGO killer?” was asked by various professional Esports players, they had a divided opinion based on the mechanism and other features of both games. Some said that Valorant is ahead as it is easier for beginner-level players to get into a game as compared to CSGO which is a hardcore FPS game.

ESports Tournaments

Valorant is also popular with many pro players due to its gameplay and we may see some international Valorant Esports tournaments shortly. Some players prefer realistic gameplay over graphics and CSGO offers all such features at hand. Players also want to enjoy both games as each game has to offer something better than the other while each game has some limitations at the same time.

Only time will tell will Valorant become a CSGO killer or CSGO will get more fans defeating Valorant in the race of FPS games as it did with a large number of games of the same league in the past. The newly released game is more modern and it is smaller in size than CSGO but the size will surely increase as new updates will be released.