Is There a Future for SMS Messaging in This Digital World?

History was made when Neil Papworth sent the first SMS to Vodafone’s director Richard Jarvis 27 years ago. The future of the SMS became brighter, and until now, the SMS culture is still going strong. Technology has since advanced, and many innovations that were once the “in thing” are dimming out. With this kind of revolution, you might question what the future holds for SMS in the digital world. This article shows that SMS’s future is still bright and that its use is only about to get bigger and better. Also, check out to learn why RCS is considered the future of mobile-led communication in the world.

SMS Will Get More Personalized

Up to 92% of individuals in the United States today have a mobile phone (regular or smartphone) that can receive and send text messages. This feature allows individuals to connect as they can send a message, and within the touch of a button, the next person could have it and read it within minutes. The use of SMS technology has been adopted as one of the marketing channels, and the trend is not about to stop.

As the digital world progresses, marketing specialists will continue to embrace the SMS. It will be integrated with other marketing channels, and thus, marketers will be able to receive more data when building campaigns. These campaigns will also be personalized as artificial intelligence will help review their clients’ past interactions. This means that SMS will continue integrating with other channels for maximum impact.

More Businesses Will Embrace SMS Marketing

The digital advertising space today is no longer producing powerful results because it is saturated. However, the SMS world is dynamic and can still be used to generate powerful results repeatedly. Today, more businesses are incorporating SMS into their marketing channels. SMS is being used for sales promotions, pushing coupons to customers, virtually gifting them, and even as a means to provide customer support. It is also possible for businesses to send global SMS to their clients, thanks to platforms that allow companies to communicate with their clients through SMS API.

Businesses can also protect their users against cyber-crime by using these platforms to provide two-factor authentication and verification. As more companies realize the need for time-saving and how much business texting services channels can impact the customer experience, they will surely join the SMS bandwagon.

SMS Communication Will Be Enhanced

As we approach the future, productive communication services (RCS) will be used to make the SMS feature more productive and versatile. Businesses are especially likely to embrace the possibilities of these innovations because they will be able to track intricate details such as whether messages have been opened and read and much more. These features are likely to be available for person-to-person and business-to-person communication, and it will be available on both Android and Apple phones.

More SMS Firewalls

Firewalls are potent tools that are used to monitor incoming and outgoing traffic on any network. Through firewalls, malicious incoming traffic can be blocked out of the system, and attacks prevented. As the use of SMS diversifies, there will be a need to establish the use of SMS firewalls so that operators can block any illegal grey routes that hackers and malicious people might exploit. Grey routes are not under the jurisdiction of interworking agreements, and it is possible that these routes can steal traffic, and the costs will be passed to those who are part of the legal chain. The presence of grey routes would mean higher prices for subscribers. More firewalls will be put up to create quality SMS services and less illegal overhead.

Innovative Uses for SMS

Businesses always try to stay ahead of the competition. That is why every day, companies strive to find new ways to use SMS. For instance, some companies have resorted to using SMS to thank customers for shopping with them. Countries like Sweden adopted the use of SMS to thank blood donors for the noble act of donation. The result was astounding, as it helped increase the number of donors. This strategy was later adopted by other stakeholders, such as the Australian Red Cross, with much success. As businesses continue to thrive, they will develop innovative methods to use SMS and help propagate it into a prosperous future.

Innovative Uses for SMS

The SMS has come a long way, and it only keeps getting better. Even in the digital age, the SMS feature will continue to thrive as it will be used in more innovative ways, become more personalized and integrated into the business. The rich communication service (RCS) technology will also help create advancements for the SMS.