Is Rock Music Dead, or Has it Evolved?

For many years now, people have been saying that rock music is dead. Despite this, it still exists and often finds ways of attracting new fans and keeping the genre and its subgenres alive. The truth is for many music fans that rock simply can’t be killed. While it’s true that it has evolved quite a bit as time has progressed, which may even have made the term rock ‘n’ roll a little outdated, the genre is still going strong.

People still listen to “rock”, regardless of what some may define it as. Whether you’re a fan of AC/DC or The Voids, it comes under the umbrella term of rock music.

Why do so many people think rock is no longer around?

You might be wondering why individuals claim that the genre is dead, especially when you consider the fact that this has been a popular opinion for quite a while. One of the main reasons that some people consider it to be so is that the genre has morphed and grown as the years have gone by.

It’s not necessarily what it used to be, especially when considering the broad scope of subgenres and artists that sonically stray from the classic rock sound, but still have their roots firm in its groundwork. This disparity tends to become more noticeable when older and younger generations discuss their preferences.

So-called experts of rock music will often give their own reasons for why it’s dead, with some older rock bands joining in and saying that many artists have moved away from the original ethos and musicality of the sounds that they create. At the same time, others will claim that the same old riffs and ideas are being overused and abused, leading to the death of the genre for their own tastes.

Whether artists take inspiration from classic rock or are influenced by many genres and create something new and interesting with their sound, it doesn’t really matter; these artists are still creating music.

The evolution of rock

Music has always had a way of connecting people, which is why it’s had such an influence on so many lives and life experiences. No matter the genre or the artist/band in question, everyone’s tastes are different, but we can all affiliate with some form of music.

The evolution of rock comes from how the world and the people in it have changed over the years. The reason why the genre is different is because the generations have moved forward in a range of ways. So many artists have been influenced by the ones before them, while adding their own personality and individual tastes to their work.

If rock was solely what it used to be, there’s a good chance that it would be dead (or at least dying), because there would be far less people who would find joy in its sound; whether that’s because of the emotion the songs express, or even just the tonality.

What does this mean for aspiring rock artists?

There might be a number of people who don’t believe that the rock music of today belongs in this genre, but there are still a wide variety of those that do. Even with some people claiming that rock is dead, it exists and thrives because so many individuals are still listening to it, which only helps it to continue to evolve.

If you’re interested in making your own music and are inspired by rock, you should keep in mind that there are likely to be many people who would connect with what you want to create, whether it sounds like the classics or otherwise completely different.

Should you learn guitar?

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