Is LED Mirror Better Than A Decorative Mirror?

Choosing between led and DECORATIVE MIRRORS is never easy. Essentially, it boils down to whether you are more of a modern or traditional design kind of person. Not to sound cliché, but your choice of which to go for depends on what appeals to you – and your home setting.

While led mirrors with their unique qualities make them a common accessory in modern homes, decorative types, on the other hand, tilt more towards traditional settings. You see, if you’re like me that prefers a little of both sides, then, by all means, go for both. In modern bathrooms, led mirrors are a common sight with their sleek designs and sophistication. The decorative types will fit in any part of the house; they are better suited for living areas and other open places.

I must admit the fear of choosing the wrong kind of mirror can cripple you to the point of inaction. Perhaps if you knew more about led and DECORATIVE MIRRORS you would then make a better decision on what would best suit your style? Then you’re in luck because this is a very comprehensive information-packed article about both mirrors. First, let us look at the distinguishing features.

What features do decorative mirrors constitute where LED mirrors fail?

For want of elegance and traditional appeal, go for mirrors that speak your language. With their eye-catchy frames, sitting in majestic beauty on your wall and the corner of your home, you will be glad you made the right choice for every glance you take.

Every mirror in the right area will give the effect of light bouncing off the mirror – brightening up darkened areas in your home.

You see, instead of using artworks in the home, more homeowners are beginning to embrace the idea of using mirrors to decorate their homes. However, getting the right accessories that blend well with your artworks can be a chore but with the right type of mirror, you are sure to get a fusion of luxury and style.

Difference of uses

LED mirrors are ideal for grooming, shaving, and applying makeup drawers. It is no surprise they are always a wonderful addition to any more home. Their led lights give extra illumination that ensures you get the best in your reflection.

More so, mirrors are a wonderful accent piece in any area of your home. In your living room, right beside your antique rug, a small beautifully decorated mirror leaning against the wall in the corner will give your home a new dimension. You see, with decorative mirrors, the size doesn’t matter. All that matters is that it blends with your style and perfectly accents your overall home makeup.

Difference in price

Difference in price

Often, the price of mirrors is very discouraging, thereby making you go for the cheapest. While decorative mirrors are a bit in the middle in terms of price compared to LED mirrors on the other end. From a few dollars to hundreds of dollars, you can grace that corner in your sitting room with a beautiful DECORATIVE MIRROR. Led mirrors, on the other hand, are not so cheap. Although you can get an affordable led mirror for a few hundred dollars, top quality ones go for as high as a thousand dollars and even more depending on the features.

Which one is better for your home?

There is no right answer but there is a right décor. Are you looking to design a modern and contemporary home? A little of both would do. No doubt as you search for mirrors online, you’ll come across different designs, shapes, and sizes. It will be hard deciding on the right mirror to fit your home. However, knowing what your home needs make it easier for you to pick the perfect one.

You must know that mirrors come in different sizes and shapes. If you have a smaller home, oval-shaped mirrors will help you maximize space. Decorative mirrors, however, take up little space compared to LED mirrors that are often bulky and space consuming.

If your home is perhaps without a distinct style or design and you’re looking for a mirror to just brighten your home to improve the overall dimension, then a DECORATIVE MIRROR would be your best bet.

Your spending budget also has a big part to play in the type of mirror you eventually settle for – whether decorative or led. You do not need to spend more if you can get something better for less. However, you must never compromise on quality. With amazing mirrors priced from $100-$1000, it would do you a lot of good to have a budget and outline drawn before ordering from your Fab Glass and Mirror.

Not to worry, we can also guide you in making the right choice. With the various types of mirrors available on our platform, our guidance will enable you to pick the right type for your style and home décor. Take note, however, not to unnecessarily mix modern and traditional designs as doing so could destroy the whole illusion.