Is CBSE Sample Paper Class 10 an important study material?

Whats a board exam without having felt the pressure to score extremely well? Every year the CBSE board witnesses thousands of students taking up the Board exam as the final test before they enter the world of their specific chosen stream of subject. Board exam not only stresses the students but it also puts immense pressure on parents too. So it is very important to prepare well and remain calm to be able to perform well on the board exam.

Preparing for board exams involves numerous steps. First, there is studying, then comes the practising, then revision and finally the mock exams. Following each of these steps religiously will definitely help a student to score good marks. However, there is another important study material, that students often forget to incorporate in their study process. These are the CBSE Sample Paper Class 10 for board exams preparations. In this article, we shall explain to you as to why is CBSE Sample Paper Class 10 an important study material

1. Knowing the complete syllabus

Practising with sample papers will make you familiar with repetitive topics and questions. This will help you to be prepared for most frequently asked questions, and topics that carry high marks. It will give you a precise idea of various important topics and their significance while creating the question paper.

2. Removes Exam Stress

With sample papers, students can practice multiple times. This helps them to be free from feeling nervousness. Practising CBSE sample papers gives you a flawless idea about the type of questions that will appear in the exam. As the sample paper is based on the actual paper pattern, it is all the more reliable for students. It also helps students in getting an overview of the type of questions that could be asked like short or long answer type questions, mostly asked topics, marks distribution, etc.

3. Helps in Preparation Analysis

CBSE sample papers are based on the syllabus as updated by the CBSE board. It covers all the important questions from the course.  Practising with sample papers also help you in analysing your preparation levels for the exam.  You can always first solve the sample papers and then cross-check with the solutions to understand your preparation levels. This also ensures that you are more clear about what to answer and what to avoid on the day of the exam.

4. Helps in Revision

You might have finished studying the entire syllabus. But, how would you judge your preparation for each topic? Preparing with sample papers allows you to check your preparation of each and every small topic in a chapter. This will give you a quick insight into all the significant questions and topics in every individual chapter. Solving the sample papers allows you to practice with real-time experience. You tend to think about the topic from the application point of view. This will ensure that the concept is printed in your mind. Therefore, your preparation will be excellent allowing you to score more marks in your examination.

5. Gives an Idea of Marking Scheme

Knowing the marking scheme is very important to plan your answering pattern. There is no point in wasting time on topics with less marks. Instead, you can prepare well on topics that have more weightage allowing you to score more marks easily. This will help you to prepare your study plan accordingly making it easy to revise and score more.

6. Enhances Self Confidence

Self-confidence plays a vital role in performing well in the exams. Without being confident, there all the chances that your efforts are going wasted. Sample papers will help you analyse your strengths and weaknesses. This will help you to focus on your weaker sections and spend more time making them your strength. This will enhance your confidence and help you to do your best to get good marks.

7. Improves Speed and Accuracy

As you practice and solve a good number of sample papers, you will improve your speed of answering. But most of thinking accurately and solving questions under pressure. With regular practice, the perfection of the answers also increases, allowing you to get more marks. It is very important to do this as the most basic problem most students face is the inability to remember the right answer under the stressful conditions of the exam.


Sample papers are one of the best study and revision materials for students aiming to score high marks. It helps in teaching you to manage time, pressure and accuracy in the exams. It is extremely reliable as they are prepared according to the latest CBSE guidelines. Solve as many sample papers as possible today to improve your chances of scoring high in exams.