Invincible: The Extraterrestrial Superhero

Invincible is not just your ordinary teenage superhero. He’s a half human-half alien species that bounds to protect the Earth from various enemies. He’s strong. He’s fast –He’s the Invincible.

Invincible in the Making

Mark Sebastian Grayson, also known as ‘Invincible’ was created by a writer named Robert Kirkman, with the artists, Cory Walker and Ryan Ottley. This teen superhero first appeared in the comic series Tech Jacket #1, released in November 2002 under Skybound Entertainment. However, it was not until 2003 when Invincible got his regular series and had a full appearance in ‘Invincible comic series #1.’ According to Kirkman, the inspiration for ‘Invincible’ came from the successful film directors, namely Quentin Tarantino and Steven Spielberg. These two film directors were known for their work, which involved family drama, adult themes, and graphic violence. So as you can see, despite the colorful visuals, ‘Invincible’ comic series is notable for being graphically violent.

In 2017, although Kirkman doesn’t want to end the comic series of Invisible, he found himself doing the opposite. By the end of 2017, the comic series of Invincible was completed with comic issue #144.

Invincible: Comic Appearances

During the first release of the Invincible comic issue #1, it opened up to the history of how a hero named Mark Grayson became the mighty superhero named Invincible.Markus Sebastian Grayson is the son of the superhero named Omni-Man, also known as Nolan Grayson, and Deborah Grayson, a human. At the age of seven, Mark was told that he is a member of a peaceful alien race called Viltrumites. He was also told that he would develop powers someday to help protect the Earth.

At the age of 17, Mark began to exhibit superpowers similar to his father, a Viltrumite hero, known as Omni-Man. During this age, he met the young superhero group called ‘Teen Team,’ which consists of members: Atom Eve, Robot, Dupli-Kate, and Rex Splode. The Team Team, along with Omni-Man and Mark, fought super-strong smart twins called the Mauler Twins.  The next day at school, Mark realized that he goes to the same school with Eve, a member of the Teen Team. Together, they have discovered that their teacher has been strapping bombs to his students. Mark and Eve began to be friends after they teamed up in fighting their teacher.

During the following comic issues, Mark attended College after High School. Upon visiting a University, Mark and his friend William was attacked by a zombie-cyborg called Reanimen. Mark, as Invincible, fought the Reanimen that was created by an evil student named D.A Sinclair. Meanwhile, Eve quitted at the Teen Team after knowing that Rex Splode, her boyfriend, was cheating with another Teen Team member, Dupli-Kate. Atom Eve began to spend more time working with Invincible since then. During the times they were together, Atom Eve developed her feelings for Mark. However, by the time she realized that Mark was already dating a girl named Amber Bennett. For this reason, Atom Eve never told Mark how she feels about him.

Subsequently, in the next series, Mark discovered that their race, the Viltrumites, were not peaceful explorers. He also found out that his father, Omni-Man, was a leader of their violent race and was assigned to conquer the Earth. His father also admitted that Mark’s mother, Deborah, a human, was just a pet he never really loved (Which was later on proven as a lie.) Invincible and his father got into a fight. His father wins, and their fight leaves him on a coma for two weeks. After his recovery, Invincible began working with the Global Defense Agency. Following their fight, Mark discovered that his father has a new alien wife named Andressa, from a bug species. Their relationship brought forth an offspring, named Oliver, a human-like creature with purple skin.

When the Viltrumites attacked Mark, his father, Omni-Man, helped his son, which resulted in his imprisonment. The Viltrumites then gave Mark a task, an assignment to take over the Earth in the span of a hundred years. Before going to prison, Omni-Man gave his book to his son, Mark. This book contains information telling humans how to hurt and defeat the Viltrumites. Mark then goes back to Earth along with his brother, Oliver, upon Andressa’s request. Mark’s mother agreed to take care of Oliver and promised to keep him safe.

In the following series, Mark teamed up with his brother, who insisted on being called ‘Kid Omni-Man.’ Mark made Oliver his superhero costume with a letter O on it. Mark and Oliver fought villains together; however, Oliver often makes many rookie mistakes. Moreover, during this series, Mark and Eve were already in a relationship. Furthermore, Omni-Man escaped the prison with the help of Allen the Alien.

Invincible and his Superhuman Powers

Although the extents of Invincible’s powers are unknown, some of his superhuman abilities that were featured in the comic series were as follows:

Superhuman Strength: Earlier in the comic series, Invincible can lift over 400 tons. However, in the following comic issues, Invincible could now lift about 300,000 ton-heavy cruise ship. Currently, in the latter series, he was reported to be as nearly as strong as his father and could probably surpass him in the future.

Flight: Like Omni-Man, Invincible, can also fly. His flying range and speed were reportedly faster than his father. Invincible could fly from Earth to Alpha Centauri about 250 times faster than a speed of light and can also fly across the solar system for about an hour.

Invulnerability: Like his name, Invincible can withstand a strong blast of a nuclear. However, a particular virus and severe punches from a greater force could harm him over time.

Endurance: Also, Invincible could withstand physical trauma that an average person can’t handle.

Healing: Aside from his strong physical endurance, Invincible can also recover from injuries faster than an average human’s healing rate.

Longevity:  Being half Viltrumite, Invincible’s lifespan was longer than an ordinary earthling or human.

Lung Capacity: In the Invincible series, it is notable that Invincible can live for an hour or a day without inhaling oxygen.