Inverter Air Conditioner: Advantages & Disadvantages

It’s 2021. Technology is progressing and how! Air conditioners are very much in this race. We got a whole lot of queries on the best air conditioner in India. That lead to us discussing the inverter vs non-inverter ac concept in detail. Most of us voted for an inverter air conditioner, right?

Now that it’s done, I need you to be more aware of it. Before you get home the best inverter ac, here’s everything you need to know about it. Because we don’t like surprises. Just like a coin has two sides, an inverter ac has a whole lot of advantages and disadvantages. But if you are aware of the boon and bane, it becomes simpler to deal with.

It’s always nicer to talk about the pleasant things first. So let me begin by talking about the advantages first.

Advantages of an Inverter AC:

  • Who does not like completely silence while they are asleep? The mechanism of an inverter air conditioner is very simple. It does not require turning on and off of the compressor. Due to this, there is emittance of any loud and audible sound. So, there is complete silence. You won’t even realize that it is on.
  • The cooling capacity of an inverter air conditioner is exceptional. It ensures that the compressor functions at a really high speed. Thereby, cooling the area in no time.
  • Say goodbye to ripped energy bills with an inverter ac. The functioning of this appliance restricts power consumption. Thereby, saving you from high electricity bills.
  • Like I mentioned above, how an inverter ac limits energy consumption. This makes it an energy-efficient appliance.
  • Whether the area is large or small, it can work well in any case. An inverter ac is suitable for your home or office space.
  • An inverter air conditioner is capable of maintaining a constant room temperature. This will leave a comfortable room atmosphere.
  • An inverter ac is definitely eco-friendly.
  • The inverter technology makes the appliance last long. So yes, it is pretty durable.
  • An inverter air conditioner is more feature-packed. It has a sleep mode, timer, turbo mode, fan, quick cool, etc. and many more. This depends on brand to brand.
  • You can expect no voltage fluctuations with an inverter air conditioner.
  • Lastly, all the best air conditioner brands in India have some really cool models available.

Disadvantages of an Inverter AC:

We are done with some enormous advantages of all the best inverter ac’s. It’s time to focus on the setbacks as well.

  • The biggest disadvantage of an inverter ac is the high cost of buying. The advanced mechanism and modern technology make it a substantial investment.
  • In case, your inverter ac has a breakdown. Repairing it can be a really expensive affair. This is because the spare parts are pretty costly.
  • Installing an inverter air conditioner can cost a little more compared to a non-inverter one.
  • If the outside temperature is more than 45 degrees, the efficiency of an inverter ac can get hampered.
  • Maintaining an inverter air conditioner can get expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Which is better inverter AC or normal AC?

It is very easy to answer this. Just have a look at the list of inverter ac advantages. Isn’t it huge? Clearly, an inverter ac is a better option.

  • Is inverter AC expensive to maintain?

Maintaining an inverter air conditioner can get expensive. It is made of sophisticated and expensive components.

  • Does inverter AC really save electricity?

The inverter technology is designed to be energy efficient. It can save around 30-50% of electricity compared to a non-inverter ac.  

  • Can inverter ACs be repaired?

Yes, an inverter ac can definitely be repaired. Although it can be an expensive affair.

Before we say Goodbye:

Short and crisp, that’s what I intended to do. You have a list of advantages and disadvantages. You know exactly what to expect and what not. This was an eye-opener for you, so you are in for no surprises.

The advantages are clearly more than the disadvantages. So, it’s time for you to get the best inverter AC for your home. If there’s anything more, I can help you with, you can get in touch with us.