Internet with Security by Windstream

With the increased usage of the internet as more people are using the internet due to the COVID19 outbreak. Most people are indulged in online activities more than ever. Most of us have to work from home and take online classes that mean it is important to protect our data more than ever. Windstream internet plans come along with security plans that keep your data and identity protected and safe. 

Why do you need internet security?

In the recent situation, we are using the internet more than we did before. Since the internet is used for work which requires more safety because you cannot lose your private and confidential data. You need a secure internet connection to protect your data, protect your devices from viruses and malware, and protect your identity from any identity theft.

When we open websites, sometimes some hackers can get access to your internet connection through which they can cause damage to your devices and get access to your mobile phones or laptops. Some websites are corrupt and we are not aware of it, once we click on it, our device which we are using catches a virus that can harm it and our data. 

We need security to protect our online presence and kids who are taking classes online need proper security as well. Because we are busy with our work, it gets difficult to keep an eye on the online activities of our kids. Windstream also provides parental controls that you can use to monitor the usage of your kids. 

Talk about online security and the risks it can bring and let your child know that you are monitoring their usage, this will help you to gain the confidence of your child and help them to put their trust in you. You can opt for the special security plan offered by Windstream to keep your devices and your information safe from any risk. Windstream has also won awards for its quality security services. 

The Kinetic Windstream Internet

In the year 2016 Windstream spent millions of dollars to provide fiber-optic kinetic internet. They provide kinetic internet in only 12 states for now. Fiber-optic uses glass tubes to provide internet signals. You can get the highest internet speed with Windstream Internet. 

You can choose a high internet speed of your choice with Windstream kinetic internet. They provide internet at specific locations. You can check if they are available in your area by visiting their official website. We will recommend you to specify your internet usage if you want to opt for Windstream internet to their sales rep.

You have different speed options to choose from. The availability along with the prices will depend on your location. Every location has different discount rates and internet speed options. Windstream offers vary from address to address.

Kinetic Internet Internet Speed Discounted Promotional Prices Data Limit
Kinetic Internet  200 Mbps $42 Unlimited
Kinetic Internet 400 Mbps $47 Unlimited
Kinetic Internet 500 Mbps $48 Unlimited
Kinetic Internet 1000 Mbps $67 Unlimited

The prices that are mentioned above are estimated prices. 

Perks of Windstream internet 

We are constantly worried about the specified contract terms and conditions that we have to agree upon choosing an internet service provider. A large portion of the Internet suppliers around the United States requires an agreement that ties you to use their connection for a specific measure of time that is generally around 2 years. 

If you intend to drop the internet service, because of any issue, you are entitled to pay a sum as an early termination fee.  With the Windstream internet, you will not pay any early termination charges since they don’t need any contracts and it’s anything but an undeniable attraction for a user. This gives a client a feeling of opportunity and trust.

When you are paying for an internet service each month, you expect it to be good and you want strong Wi-Fi signals all around your home.  Most of the internet service providers offer a separate modem and a router that costs extra. The best thing about Kinetic internet by Windstream is that they offer a gateway and that too, for only $5 a month. 

You can also have a free app that helps you to monitor your gateway and you can also restart it. You can download the ‘MyWin’ app from the App store anytime. 

Moreover, if you add their home phone service, you get it only for $11 a month that allows you to save a huge amount on home phone service.

Wrapping Up, 

Windstream is fairly a new internet service provider but they are getting popular with each passing day. Windstream is a reliable internet provider and their prices are quite affordable. Their fast internet service is the reason behind their popularity as they one of the few internet service providers that are offering fiber-optic internet.