Information about cannabidiol and CBD oil

Those who take cannabidiol and CBD in oil, CBD capsules or CBD flowers say that it works as a pain reliever and anti-inflammatory. It calms anxiety and helps fight insomnia.

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What is cannabidiol?

However, it is an abundant component in cannabis that does not give you a “high” because it lacks psychotropic effects. The sensation it produces has been equated, for example, with well-being after a yoga class.

In permanently stressed societies, CBD oil has become a consumer trend in the capitals of Europe and the UK, which has put the molecule in the spotlight of industry, science and public administrations.

Scientists believe that this substance has been elevated to the category of “magic products” because it is very fashionable. Still, they warn that not all the beneficial effects attributed to it are scientifically proven in humans, and they add that information about its components is lacking, dosage and effects.

Meanwhile, the industry (pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic) promotes dozens of products with CBD. And in the UK, where its consumption is growing and is linked to consumers of medicinal cannabis, the government has been withdrawing CBD product from the market for years … but it is a new game today as CBD is now legal based on its low THC content.

CBD (Cannabidiol) is a natural compound present in cannabis.

It is the second most abundant cannabinoid, behind THC. But, unlike THC, CBD has no psychoactive or psychotropic effects, so it doesn’t produce the ‘high’ effect.

The World Health Organization does not consider CBD to be an addictive substance. Yes, a set of therapeutic properties is attributed to it, but some have not yet been scientifically proven, or if they have, it is in minor studies.

It is now known that CBD has proven anticonvulsant effects. Its effectiveness has been established in cases of children and adults’ treatments and for some patients resistant to other therapies.

The United States has legalized a CBD drug, Epidiolex, for people with epilepsy, which is in the approval phase in Europe. Scientists also believe that its anxiolytic and anti-inflammatory effect is recognized, although the studies are not with many participants. Then, there would be those other properties discussed, but for which there is less evidence.

What doubts are there about its alleged properties?

Scientists and experts also warn against misleading advertising of some effects of this cannabinoid oil in the absence of scientific proof.

However, we know already that CBD oil is an antioxidant. It has been tested in some models in mice but not yet in humans.

How is CBD marketed in the UK and Europe?

In Europe, some brands already produce CBD oil. They use the extract of cannabis plants rich in CBD or industrial hemp, which does not have THC. Then they dissolve it in ethanol or something similar, and when it evaporates, they suspend it in olive oil.

The concentration usually varies in percentage.

Consumption is oral, in drops. Today, most consumers get it online, produced in countries such as Italy.

Is CBD sale legal?

The commercialization of CBD oil has been tried to carry out in the UK and Europe by labelling it as a food supplement.

The buyers do not incur any illegality when buying them since they do not contain any controlled psychotropic substance!

In Spain, for example, the Observatory of Medicinal Cannabis explains that they are currently immersed in a study on the ingredients in the 20 CBD oils that are most widely consumed illegally. They intend to ensure their composition, to verify or rule out the presence of metals or pesticides, and to understand the recommended doses better since they do not follow perceptual health controls.

What industries are betting on CBD?

Experts agree that the market will explode, that CBD will have more business when its legal situation is clarified, as it is not a psychotropic substance.

In the United Kingdom, there are already drinks based on this substance, and in the United States, the market includes gummies, ice creams and shots of CBD oil in cocktails.

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