Infidelity Statistics: Which Gender Cheats More?

Relationships, like any other component of people’s lives, require constant or at least regular fine-tuning, and the failure to do this lies on the shoulders of both in a couple. And as the percentage of couples who cheat does not decrease, the question arises, who is more prone to infidelity, men or women?

Why Do People Cheat on Their Partners?

Entering into a relationship, people do not always know that they will cheat on their partner from the very beginning – although such individuals also exist, having such a behavior pattern instilled in them from childhood or just their bad nature is asserting in this way.

Another part of people is unable to cope with emerging problems in a relationship in a different way. What else contributes to cheating is the lack of communication, which to some extent, can push a person to take that fatal step.

Cheating Statistics

They say facts are stubborn things, but statistics are pliable. Although relationship coaches AskDougAndChris always have the last word in matters of the soul, statistics show where we are moving as a society and our love unions as part of it.

Percentage of Cheating in Young Relationships

Looking at young male and female cheating statistics, it can be said that young people at the age of 18-29 are prone to cheating on almost the same scale, with men slightly inferior to women in this regard. It should also be emphasized that the rate is not alarmingly high – the rate was stopped at 10% (M) and 11% (F).

Percentage of Cheating Among Married Couples

As the age of respondents increases, the incidence of infidelity also tends to move upward. So, the percentage of cheaters is 20-25% among married men and 10-15% among married women.

The Most Frequent Cheating Race

There are many myths in the world about the temperament and love of certain ethnic groups. Speaking in the voice of statistics, studies conducted on this subject indicate that representatives of the black race somewhat exceed other races in terms of the rate of betrayal. Interestingly, people, regardless of race, see an increase in cheating in their late 30s and beyond.

Statistics of Men and Women Who Cheat Again

For those who go through a painful recovery period after infidelity, it is also important to know what cheating statistics say about the likelihood of a negative experience repeating. There is a big difference between those who have never cheated and those who have already done it – the propensity of the latter is about 3.5 times higher. Research results vary greatly indeed, and cumulatively you can expect that in 22-55% of cases, you will experience infidelity again with the same partner.

A Study of Cheating in Relationships and the Impact on Mental Health

Those who have long experienced a serious physical injury know that after many years its consequences can still be felt. The same applies to mental injuries – although the body is healing itself as fast as it can, people who have experienced cheating can live with unhealed mental wounds for years.

Usually, in such cases, they experience:

  • grief
  • increased stress levels
  • post-traumatic syndrome
  • anxiety
  • depression

Adultery hits you regardless of your gender, and everyone copes with it at their own pace and in their own ways. However, any severe psychological condition that does not go away or you cannot cope with it on your own should be brought to the doctor’s office.

The Main Reasons Why Men Cheat

Only you know what is happening in your tango and who, to a greater or lesser extent, may be responsible for the turbulence in your relationship. While the answer to the question do men cheat more than women is yes, the gap is not that big. Here’s what really drives men:

  • diffidence
  • lack of love and care
  • sexual desire
  • situational factor

Many cheaters, both male and female, betray their partners because they are not mature enough and may not be interested in the relationship for the long term.

The Main Reasons Why Women Cheat

True love is considered one of the most important elements of a dream relationship for a woman. If this is not the case, then in the absence of another integral component, emotional satisfaction and an appropriate attitude towards her, she may stray. And if that happens, chances are she won’t be very interested in finding a way back.


Speaking of infidelity, even the low numbers of cheating statistics would, of course, be undesirable. But we need to somehow live with the fact that cheaters have always been among us and will not just disappear, so we need to learn to read the signs and also give the relationship what they lack in time – which is applicable for both sides and all