Incorporating a Hunting Style Theme into Your Luxury Home

If you’re one of those avid hunters who can’t stop reminiscing on their courageous moves and perfect shots even after coming back home, you can forever lock those memories and feelings in your home by following a hunting décor theme. Hunting style is all about making your home feel as close to nature and woods without compromising on the look and comfort of your luxurious home. It can include showcasing the most suitable scopes for .30-06 cartridges rifles that accompanied you during the hunting sessions in an elegant way or simply following your interior designing instincts.

Therefore, this article will help you incorporate a hunting-style theme into your luxury home in the best way possible. Keep reading!

Display Your Achievements

Whether you have come back home after a thrilling adventure with a deer’s head or a lion’s fangs as souvenirs, you need to showcase them to honor your hunting skills.

You can get them preserved and use them as a décor piece in your living room so you can boast off your achievements in front of the guests. In case you had hunted down a lion, you can make a necklace out of its fangs by hanging it with a thread. This is surely going to add up to your stories of adventure and the unique look of your home.

Opt for Wooden Floors 

Your best hunting moments in the woods can be reflected by wooden floors right in your luxury home. Not only do wooden floors look extremely chic but they also are easy to clean and tend to last longer than any other flooring type. Isn’t it a win-win?

It’s better to choose a color that perfectly matches the walls of your home as this will spruce up that rustic look.

Lay Out Rugs or Carpets 

As patterned rugs and carpets are the trends right now, you can integrate them in your hunting decor theme as well. You can place a neutral tone carpet in your home under your dining table or anywhere you like.

If you’re more into rugs, you should consider buying a sheepskin, cowhide, or reindeer rug and lay it out under a coffee table as this will give an earthy look to your place.

Incorporate Wooden Walls

Installing wooden walls such as oak, pine or cherry wood will give a cozy, sleek, and aesthetic appeal to your home. If you want something more high-end, you can consider stonework as well. No matter what, they both are a true representation of nature.

In case you don’t want your home to look all woody, a stone facade fireplace will add a unique and timeless look to your interior.

Add a Hint of Greens

Talking about nature, how can we forget about plants? Indoor plants like snake plant, monstera and ficus will not only neutralize the earthy tone of your home décor but will also help filter indoor air by absorbing toxins.

You can place big plants right by the couch or in the corner of your home and if you like, you can paint the pots yourself inspired by African-style as it’s also similar to the hunting theme.

Placing tiny pots in your bedroom or kitchen shelves will also elevate your mood and make insignificant places stand out.