Importance of Having a Diesel Monitor System at Your Mining or Construction Site

Some industries, such as mining and construction, expose workers to more occupational hazards than other forms of trade. So, if you are running a mining or construction site, it will be your primary responsibility to keep your employees safe and ensure their well-being at all times, especially when they are working in confined spaces. Aside from giving them the regular health checks that they need, you should also use a diesel monitor system to capture the diesel particulate matter (DPM) levels at your site and make informed decisions in managing the risks that are present.

What Is a DPM Monitoring System

When it comes to measuring worker exposure to hazardous substances in construction and mining sites in real-time, a diesel particulate matter monitor system has become a gold standard. It provides mining and construction companies with timely information that they can use to identify exposure factors and come up with an intervention plan to reduce them.

How a DPM Monitor Works

This device uses a combination of technologies and software to detect DPM exhaust and gather pieces of information that you can use to determine the amount of DPM at your site and find out if your workers are overexposed to substances that might compromise their health for the long term.

It works by collecting particulate matter into a filter for a certain period of time for real-time analysis. As this modern technology does not require sending samples to a laboratory, you will be able to identify the main factors that could contribute to over-exposure at your site and deploy control interventions on the dot.

Unlike the older means of collecting and measuring DPM, this system will definitely save you time that you can spend on other important things in running your business. If you need experienced professionals to help you in excavation and earthmoving projects, contact Dobson Excavations.

Why You Should Have a DPM Monitoring System on Site

Using a diesel monitor system brings a lot of benefits to your business. Here are just some of them.

1. Healthy and Productive Workforce

As most successful business people would agree, “A healthy workforce is a productive one.” And, this notion definitely applies in an industry where dust, smoke, and fumes abound.

When you show that you care, your workers’ morale will be boosted. As a result, they will be more productive, which translates to more revenue for your business.

Apart from this, it also gives you a rewarding feeling that you are actually saving lives.

2. Structural and Operational Improvements

As you identify factors that contribute to exposure at your site, you will also find some flaws in your buildings or operations that you can improve to mitigate the risks.

For example, perhaps the over-exposure was caused by a poor ventilation system in your mine. Now, you can re-assess such an installation to verify its effectiveness and then do the necessary fixes or updates.

3. Compliance

By having an up-to-date DPM monitoring system in place, you will be compliant with the occupational health and safety protocols set by the government. This way, you can minimise the risk of site shutdowns due to having DPM levels that exceed limits.

4. Better Corporate Image

As you take care of your workers, you will also create a positive impression on other people and businesses that might want to engage with your business. For example, you would become the employer of choice for skilled workers or attract more investors to your operations.

5. Protection Against Unwanted Financial Obligations

According to a report posted on the Queensland Government official site, there are hundreds of cases that involved miners suffering from lung diseases due to exposure to dust, fumes, diesel particles, and other hazardous substances in the state alone in recent years. Now, having a DPM monitor will not only prevent you from adding to the statistics but will also keep you away from unwanted claims and financial obligations due to worker sickness and injuries.

6. Efficiency

One main focus of having a real-time DPM monitoring system is to make your operations more efficient, and such technology has been very effective in doing that. It will enable you to monitor your entire site simultaneously and track exposure levels in a more proactive manner.


Without a doubt, the diesel monitor system has revolutionised the safety of mining and construction operations across Australia. With the technology’s capabilities, measuring DPM and nanometre particles has become so much easier and faster even in the harshest of working environments. So, if you want your workers to have greater confidence in working for your company, you should not discount having such a system at your site.

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