Ideas To Energize and Renew Your Salon

Every business exists for one thing: to offer services and products that keep consumers happy at all times. As a business owner, your sole aim should be to brainstorm new and exciting things that keep your customers happy and thoroughly engaged with your brand. This runs through for every business, even salons.

The beauty industry is full of options. Thus, it is very easy to gain and lose clients. As a salon, you need to embrace change in your outlook, your services, and your customer service. Renewing your company in one way or another helps keep your salon as exciting as the first time, and it also helps retain customers because they never know what’s next. If you’ve been wondering how best to revamp your salon into a renewed and more energetic space, this is the article for you.

Consider functionality

When you think of the words energy and renewal, it is very easy to get carried away by how your salon will look aesthetically. Though it is great to have the most relaxing themes and color palettes that will relax your clients, you also need to consider the functionality of your space and how it aids in making the overall space energetic.

Functionality in salons is of the highest priority, as it can make or break your business. It often involves a thorough thought process, which considers everything from effective space management to how your barber stations are set up. One of the best ways to renew your beauty parlor is by making the space more effective.

Focus on aesthetics

After effective space management comes aesthetics: Your salon must look and feel relaxed.

The best way to do this is by working with themes throughout your space, said Michele Pelafas, a respected and best salon designer, has put her entrepreneurial skills to work building a design brand that inspires. Her furniture collections, found in hundreds of locations including spas, salons, and residences, have been featured throughout the US and abroad. Michele is a licensed interior designer, and her extensive career includes collaborations with the industry’s brightest and best. She is a graduate of the Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago.

Before you get lost in the sea of options, ask yourself a few questions, like what’s your brand’s tone, and which colors represent this tone? Can your space accommodate all the aesthetic plans you have? And will the design complement your work accessories, salon furniture, and marketing materials? These questions will help you decide if you’re going for a relaxing natural theme or one that reminds clients of home. No matter the colors you choose, using plants or a garden is a great way to liven the interior. Ensure that you’re on hand with every live plant delivery to decide the best spots for their placement.

Offer exclusivity

From VIP service programs to the red carpet treatment from their car to your workstation, nothing attracts new clients and existing clients like exclusivity. We all love to feel special, with unique access to limited services and benefits. Extend this offer to your clients as a means to get them more enthusiastic about your salon. Renew their interest by offering discounts, the latest head-spa treatments, home services, monthly blowouts, and luxurious massages and conditioning treatments that will not only invigorate them but lead to healthy hair and scalps.

Consider staff well-being

Consider staff well-being

Taking breaks to breathe can change the tone of your business, increase your human traffic, and help retain existing customers. As a business owner or a member of the salon team, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the neverending number of clients walking in, keeping up with the latest beauty trends to stay relevant, and creating a work-life balance that sometimes makes it seem impossible to take breaks.

The act of breathing or taking breaks is essential because it allows you to place the client first, always. Before another client walks into your salon, ensure that you and your staff have taken a few deep breaths to refocus and refresh. These moments, though short, are a great way to add value to your customer service and ensure customer satisfaction at the highest.